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On May 24th 2020, in game Fix announced the following


Villager trades will be disabled for a few weeks so the market doesn't get saturated with incredibly cheap end-game items.

As a result the market was capped with a limit supply of certain goods including mending. Mending quickly blew up from 1/3rd of a gold to 20 gold in several months and held for several months, but soon mending began to run dry. It's basic supply and demand - the price sky rocketed to as high as 50g. So May 10th 2021. merchants were added to various EMC nation spawns as Fix' attempt to address sky rocketing market prices.

Merchants can be found at:

These are all the available trades at the time of writing:

Trade overview Quantity Item 1 Quantity Item 2 Quantity Product
Craft 14.png 1 Water Bucket 1 Ham 1 Heart of the Sea
Craft 10.png 1 Enchanted Golden Apple 1 Enchanted Golden Apple 1 The Joan of Arc Chestplate
Craft 15.png 5 Gold Block 1 Player Head 1 Mystery Crate
Craft 9.png 64 Gold Ingot 32 Nautilus Shell
Craft 2.png 32 Gold Ingot 1 Book 1 Mending
Craft 5.png 64 Gold Block 1 Apple 1 Enchanted Golden Apple
Craft 12.png 1 Leather Chestplate 2 String 1 Saddle
Craft 8.png 64 Gold Ingots 1
Craft 16.png 64 Emerald Block 32 Gold Block 1 Totem of Undying
Craft 7.png 1 Water Bucket 1 Fishing Rod 1 Bucket of Cod
Craft 13.png 6 Gold Block 3 Stick 1 Bell
Craft 11.png 1 Grass Block 1 Stick 1 Banner Pattern [globe]
Craft 6.png 32 Emeralds 64 White Carpet
Craft 1.png 1 Totem of Undying 1 Turtle Shell 1 The Helmet of Genghis Khan