The Militärakademie Kaiserreich (Military Academy of the German Empire) is an institution within the German Empire that is responsible for keeping track of, developing, and research new military technologies for the Deutsches Heer. There are currently two research divisions of the academy, the biological/medical research division responsible for creating and making new potions (also with the goal of reaching level 375 Alchemy so that the permanent-health upgrade potion can be brewed), and the physical and engineering research division responsible for creating new weapons like the TNT Artillery and other useful machines.


Early Foundations

The Militärakademie Kaiserreich was founded by xWaazes_ and Dr_Biochemist in an effort to improve the German military, to improve its supplies, and introduce new doctrines. During the early days of the academy, it is headquartered in Neu_Berlin, the capital of the German Empire. After the foundation of Regensburg, the chemical section (potions) was moved to Regensburg, and the military section was moved to Breslau. A general lab existed in Potsdam as well.

Golden Age

Membership of the academy increased significantly with the influx of new players onto the server from middle to late 2019. The academy was responsible for designing several siege weapons and mass producing strength and other combat type potions during that time. It contributed to the war effort during the German War. During that time, the town of Dresden (now called Imperial-Berlin) was founded to the south of Neu Berlin, and a new lab was opened there shortly after the town's creation.

Fall and Decline

The academy and its studies were less focused on due to the internal instability that plagued German Empire during late 2019 and early 2020, its members are practically gone and the institution was defunct.

New Age and Renovations

The Empire of Germany began to renovate and re-establish the military academy through the efforts of Dr_Biochemist. The first steps have already been taken, with the construction of the main lab in the town of [REDACTED] completed, and the acquisition of resources underway.


After Bam-Bam was elected as the Reichskanzler of Germany during mid-April, the Kaiser decided to dissolve the Research Institute for reasons unknown. It is clear that the ministers of the institute and its scientists are not amused by this, as unrest grew among the former members of the institute.


The Research Institute is headed by 2 ministers of research, one of them is the head of the chemical research department and the other one is the head of the military research department. Each minister has their own CoC (Chain of Command). The lowest member of the CoC is the field militia recruit, and the highest member below the minister is the Master of Projects.

Other Information

Departments: Chemical Research Department and Military Research Department

Guarding force: The Imperial Military Academy militia (field militia)

Notable Members:



xWaazes_ (former member, but still remembered due to him being the founder)

JustNinja02 (former member, but still remembered due to his contributions)

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