General Information
In-Game Name MineTurtle795


Joined January 31, 2020
Left March 21, 2020
Town Fiji
Town Rank Mayor
Nation Rank
Personal Information
Real Name
Gender Male
Discord MineTurtle795#4701

MineTurtle795 is a spawntrapper and a toxic player, as well as a newfag, that has caused massive disruption to the server. After his permanent ban, he revealed that he was an alt of the famous terrorist GGOVI.


Birth of the Demon

MineTurtle795 joined the server on January 31st, 2020. He roamed around Europe, eventually finding a hidden chest next to /n spawn German_Empire that contained a god set, some food, some iron, and 2 stacks of gold. MineTurtle (aka GGOVI) had used that secret chest for months, and had finally dug it up to claim. Then, MineTurtle joined a random town, then used the /n spawn system to travel to Central China, and created the town of Guangzhou. After using all the gold to expand Guangzhou to a 5-chunk town, the town joined the Xia nation, and MineTurtle developed a friendship with the other Chinese players, despite having a naming dispute with SiriusKW/KehoeW.

Chinese Spawntrapping Adventures

MineTurtle developed a conflict with the Canadian player IsabelleIzzy, after several pvp fights. MineTurtle also raided Lithuania multiple times, and with the help of leader Omoshiroi_Sana killed the Lithuanians. MineTurtle befriended many Chinese players such as IamSen233 and Hurt_YuMu, and was able to develop a large stash of goods such as god sets from spawntrapping at /n spawn Sui and /n spawn Qin.

On February 6th, 2020, the leader of Xia, Omoshiroi_Sana, was banned from EarthMC for aiding a hack. MineTurtle795 had gained the trust of Sana, and had the nation rank of Chancellor. MineTurtle proceeded to grief the nation, kicking out all the towns and declaring many nations as an enemy. Finally, MineTurtle's town left the nation and joined Han, only to be kicked out and threatened by a horde of angry Chinese players.

As Guangzhou/Coronavirus_City was being heavily raided by Chinese forces such as Bommbap and IamSen233, MineTurtle decided to move all his goods to an embassy in Zerena, and deleted Guangzhou. Seconds later, MineTurtle traveled to the north of Zerena's capital and created the town of Siberia, which joined the nation of Zerena. MineTurtle then moved all his belongings to Zerena.

By a vote of the Zerena nation, the town of Siberia was kicked out. MineTurtle joined Yuan for a day, then was kicked out again. Without a nation to spawntrap with, MineTurtle had no choice but to stash his goods in a hidden base underneath his town and delete the town, and became a town hopper going around killing and spawnkilling.

At this time, MineTurtle became an enemy of almost all nations, including Rio_Grande and all Chinese nations. After days of townhopping, with the help of Huey_Freeman01's funding, MineTurtle formed the town of Redding in the nation California. The town was a dirty, one-chunk wood tower, and MineTurtle moved all his god sets into it.

Fun in Fiji

MineTurtle began spawntrapping again at /n spawn Fiji, obtaining countless sets. MineTurtle one day made the mistake of inviting a player to his town and having poor perms, and the player (KOMMUNISM4KINDER), stole all of the god sets. MineTurtle was able to recover, however, as he afk-killed and hunted down many players. MineTurtle also raided many recently fallen towns, such as a town in Niger, and was able to obtain many god sets.

Sick of MineTurtle's antics, Fix placed pvp protection on MineTurtle in an effort to prevent spawntrapping. However, MineTurtle continued to use a bow to spawntrap, and his pvp prot made him essentially invincible except to master bowspammers such as Hurt_YuMu and FutureLemon. MineTurtle discovered that two n spawns: /n spawn Mexico and /n spawn West_Russia, were in the wild, and he created a trap and was able to bait many players to go to those n spawns. MineTurtle eventually killed Cubs_, his book dealer, therefore ending MineTurtle's ability to create god sets for cheap and sell them for a profit or scam others. Eventually, MineTurtle's actions came under the scrutiny of mods, who also noticed his extreme toxicity. Finally, MineTurtle's pvp protection ran out, and with his 10 new god sets, MineTurtle was able to sweep many players in pvp, such as _Cochonou_.

Finally, MineTurtle's town was kicked out of California. After desperately asking nearby nations to invite him, MineTurtle decided to move all his items to an embassy in Cascadia, and eventually moved to an Indonesian Island near the open nation spawn of Ternate. MineTurtle moved all his essential items to a wooden shack in a one-claim town called Fiji, which joined the Ternate nation. As Ternate was a Fiji ally, MineTurtle was able to use the doors in chests in Fiji, which gave MineTurtle an advantage.

MineTurtle became ever richer and richer through spawntrapping and killing, and eventually created a pillar out of diamond and gold blocks, as well as created a set of god gold armor. MineTurtle eventually came to a peace agreement with China, and became allies with Hurt_YuMu and IamSen233

On Saturday, 2/22, the day of the 1.15 update to EMC, MineTurtle795's Minecraft account was compromised, leading MineTurtle to not have access to it anymore. MineTurtle795 later joined that night on a new account, MineTurtle795_. After mods refused to hand him his town mayorship back, he decided to play on the EMC Factions server.

MineTurtle established the Fiji Faction, and scammed and spawntrapped, and decided to go around overclaiming and finding new bases. Eventually, after being hunted down by various members of the NewQuebec coalition, MineTurtle moved to a nether wither farm. After forming an alliance with WestAfrica and Tsonga, and after obtaining 3 wither skulls, the alliance raided the faction called Alliance, but was thwarted by TacoSeller420. Soon after, MineTurtle was able to have a towny friend, IsabelleIzzy, unclaim all land of the powerful Egypt faction, and MineTurtle raided the entire base and kept a chunk right in the middle of the base. Soon after, judebricks, the leader of WestAfrica, leaked MineTurtle's coords, causing Egypt to spawnkill and blow up MineTurtle's base in an effort to be able to take back their chunk in their base. Eventually, MineTurtle cracked and unclaimed the chunk in return for wither skulls and a diamond set, and used the wither skulls to raid Oberhausen faction with Tsonga faction. The raid was semi-successful, as the top layer was obliterated, and MineTurtle was able to obtain many armor sets and items. However, the raid was stopped before it ended by Zeldafan and TacoSeller420. After helping Tsonga establish an obsidian base near the wither farm, MineTurtle received a 3-day ban for using potentially duped items.

After being unbanned, MineTurtle first returned to factions. where he immediately broke off all alliances and enemied Weltreich, the new Tsonga faction. MineTurtle's wither farm and base was completely blown up and obliterated by NewQuebec coalition forces, and MineTurtle decided to return to towny.

MineTurtle was able to get into the town Muani, Fiji, and spawntrapped for days, making lots of gold and god armor. Eventually, all other members of Fiji were banned, giving MineTurtle the eventual kingship of Fiji. MineTurtle became as rich as he had been on his previous account, and also was able to have his priority queue transferred to his new account by mods. After MineTurtle became the most hated player on EMC again, the revised 2.1 banned spawntrapping, and MineTurtle was forced to convert n spawn Fiji into an open arena.

For a long while, MineTurtle continued to run and develop /n spawn Fiji, and continues his crusades on the factions server. After becoming a scammer and pulling off more raids on factions, MineTurtle's account was hacked on March 17th.

Final Elimination

The mods allowed MineTurtle to come on a new account, MineTurtle795_, and transferred the priority queue. MineTurtle had lost all his progress on factions, so he focused on towny. MineTurtle was able to townhop into towns with bad permissions, especially Peru, in which MineTurtle stole 26 blaze spawners. Using all the loot he got, MineTurtle was able to become extremely rich. However, he was sitting at 4 warnings. After making a few towns and deleting them, MineTurtle eventually bought the nation of South_Africa, and trapped players near the /n spawn, which according to Highlander was an illegal spawntrap. So he received his 5th warning.

MineTurtle was banned on March 21, 2020. His items are on display at /n spawn Senegal. After his appeal failed, he revealed himself to the public as a GGOVI alt.


praise highlander!!!

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