Mobile is a town located where current day Mobile, AL is located. It was created on October 27th at 17:12 est. It is home to the Southern Conglomerate, a group conceived to bring prosperity to the south. 


Mobile has an interesting and complex history in which many players are involved.

Pre Terra-Nova

The idea for Mobile was conceived when Jacob8858 dreamed of a town where people could unite under agriculture. Originally, a town was to be built in Mobile, Alabama. Unfortunately, the prior claims by the player, Seranil forced Jacob8858 to move his town northward. 

Southern Conglomerate

As the plans for Mobile where not coming true, the Southern Conglomerate allowed Jacob8858's town to be the headquarters if he moved his town north to Tuscaloosa. After further negotiations, the city of Birmingham was chosen to be the spot for the new town.

Early Release

When Earth MC released for Purple Donators, Jacob8858 got to work as he went to the Birmingham area and started mining for gold. Seranil then moved his claims to Montreal so Jacob8858 decided to go to Mobile. After a few setbacks including loaning gold to Seranil which he did not receive back, Jacob8858 founded the town of Mobile. Although there were few players who wanted to join the new town, Jacob8858 still had hope that someday, Mobile would be the Industry Capital of the south.


There is currently two buildings in Mobile. Those buildings are the Mobile Bar and the Mobile Metro. Inside the Mobile Bar, travelers can get a nice meal before they continue on their journey. The Mobile Metro was the first fully functional rail system in Terra Nova. There are plans for housing that will be put in place in the near future.

Notable People

As Mobile currently has one player, some notable people are:

  • Carson8858

City Subdivisions

Mobile at Night
There is one subdivision currently in the city of Mobile. That is the agricultural sector. It has vast fields of wheat and is home to Mobile's oldest building, the Mobile Bar. It is also home to the Statue of Prosperity.


Mobile is a democratic town where an election for mayor is held every month. The current mayor is Carson8858. Mobile is also in the nation of Wabanaki. The players in Mobile take an active role in Wabanaki's government.



Mobile's economy is based on agriculture and mining. Their main export is bread. Mobile is also a large importer of Dark Oak and Jungle wood. Their biggest trading partner is New_York


Mobile has diplomatic ties to every town in the nation of Wabanaki. They also have heavy ties with the towns in the Southern Conglomerate. 


Mobile has plans to make a national guard building. The Wabanaki military protects Mobile.

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