Early History


Fittingly named Arcane, this Antarctic town was not very well known. The original town was not an outpost. In fact, it had no prior relations with Nubia at all. It was a small, one chunk settlement that housed LilToes420 and a few other trusted players. LilToes420 had grown tired of the isolation and grew bored with the lack of interaction between his settlement and others around the globe. The high risk, low reward gamble that was creating a town in Antarctica was not paying off for him. As a display of his aforementioned frustration, he went on to spam the chat with certain racial slurs and attacks on those with lower mental capabilities. For mods, this was a pretty easy mute. At the time, Walter was acknowledging the remarkable display of bad language in his former home; the town of Deseret. Prior to the mute, Walter had jokingly offered to buy out LilToes420’s frustration with a piece of coal; Walter was very poor, having joined the server that day. Regardless of the fact that there were other serious offers for the town of Arcane, Walter received a message from one of LilToes420’s town members saying that LilToes420 wanted to go through with the transaction because “It was ballsy and hilarious”. Walter quickly gathered what he could from his home and arrived at the quiet settlement in minutes. LilToes420 was of course still muted, limiting the two to speaking through a series of placed signs. The piece of coal was given to LilToes420 and within seconds, the town belonged to Walter. He quickly began expansion of the lackluster settlement and even created a town flag to go along with it. Despite these additions, it still remained quite quaint. Walter’s ambition grew along with questions on town maintenance. It was clear he would need to find some guidance before he suffered the same fate as the prior mayor.

International Agreements

Nubian Association


Walter had first communicated with Twomoo on Aug 4, 2019, when Twomoo messaged him with a friendly reminder to vote. Since the simple act of kindness, Walter had berated him with many starter questions on commands, colonization, etc. Twomoo was nice enough to not only respond in depth, but visited Arcane himself on Aug 5, 2019. He praised the architectural design of the settlement and kindly invited Walter to think about joining Nubia as an outpost. Still uncertain, Walter hesitated to accept; he was later convinced after seeing the beauty and complexity that was El Obeid (Nubia’s capital). The pair talked through terms and potential ideas for the outpost. The town name was changed to “Nubian_Antarctic”, and the flag was updated: displaying Nubia’s colors with a blue roundel in the center as a callback to its previous evolution.

Original Colonization

The town then flourished, expanding to 19 chunks and gaining 5 additional residents (despite being associated with a nation and the /n

utility). Residents enjoyed the quiet life of the town and lack of crime due to strenuous home searches provided by Blakeslee, then Chief of the OPD (Outpost Police Department). Visually appealing structures then continued to appear due to the work of Walter and Settler Gaging.


In late October 2019, Walter's PC reportedly broke, leaving his place in the server in a 42 day long march to its demise. Admist this emergence, almost all residents left the town, leaving the recently recruited and chronically absent TransientBeing alone in the blank outpost. On December 18th 2019, TransientBeing awoke from his month long dormancy to find that he was leader of the nation. Nubian_Antarctic, at the time, was stripped of it's name, left only with a message from the mods: the placeholder name of "ReadRule4.1", as the mention of the continent of Antarctica defied rule 4.1 of the server's creed. Upon reappearing, TransientBeing was approched via dm in the in-game chat by Twomoo, then Emperor of Nubia, who offered to guide him in leading the branch nation. TransientBeing, who obviously lacked the knowledge to govern, but was reluctant to reject his role by default, decided to utilize this aid. Shortly thereafter, Twomoo Asked TransientBeing if he intended to stay an ally of Nubia, to which he agreed. As of the present day the nation remains an ally to the African nation, and more recently, the nation of Yemen, in light of it's once close affiliation with Nubia.

War on Sudan

(For more information, see The Sudanese Rebellion)

As part of being a colony of the Second Nubian Empire, Molodezhnaya declared war on the rebel nation of Sudan in Nubia's claims, due to Sudan declaring war on Nubia, and its Empire.

Buildings & Land

The town is equipped with beautiful homes, a sky-scraping town hall, and a Nubian Workshop provided by Nubian Emperor Twomoo himself. It also features an armory which doubles as a jail, a community farm first built by former resident Gaging, and the dormant volcano: Mt. Harepan (Harepan meaning, “hope”, in Sudanese). South of the town exists a large ice farm, once the source of all of Nubia's ice.

[updated July 15th 2020]

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