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Mongolia was a nation located on the Mongolian Plateau. It was founded by Potatokoke. It was a part of the House of Uesugi.


Early history

Founding of the Empire

The Mongol Empire was founded by Potatokoke together with EternalFlavour, Matthias2013, surpomp1 and Mqrt. It was founded on March 3rd 2019.

Skirmish with Baikalograd

A minor skirmish between the Mongol Empire and the town of Baikalograd occurred in early March of 2019. On March 5th 2019 the Mongol Empire and Baikalograd made a deal which ensured that Baikalograd will remain independent after paying 300 gold in reparations to the Mongol Empire.

A map of the Xianyiang, Darkhan and Xilin Gol road system

Construction of the Great Road

On March 10th 2019 the Mongol Empire began work on a road between the towns and cities of Darkhan, Xilin Gol and Xianyang. Later on Baikalograd offered to help with the road and connect it with their own town. The road was completed on the 25th of March.

Rule of EternalFlavour

Resignation of Potatokoke

On March 26th 2019 Potatokoke announced his resignation as the Great Khan. He named EternalFlavour the new Great Khan of the Mongol Empire. EternalFlavour promptly changed the capital to Darkhan, which had already grown far bigger than the old capital of Xilin Gol.

Change of name

On the 17th of April the Mongol Empire officially changed their name to Mongolia due to an earlier nation with the name Mongolia disbanding due to inactivity.

Territorial gains

On the 12th of May the nation of Manchuria was made a vassal of the Mongol Empire. Mongolia also acquired an unspecified colony in South America. Later the same day, the cities around the Baikal lake finally submitted and became a part of the Mongol Empire.

Rule of DoctorSnakes

Resignation of EternalFlavour

On June 15th 2019 EternalFlavour resigned as the Great Khan, and made DoctorSnakes the new Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.

The End of the Empire

On August 8th the Mongol Empire was disestablished and the nation was moved to Easter Island and renamed Rapa Nui.


Mongolia has one supreme ruler (i.e. Great Khan) that controls all aspects of the Empire. The Khan has a council that advises him on matters regarding the state. The current council members are:

  • ItsAnonyme
  • moggers78


Currently the Mongol Empire does not have a military, but have a militia, meaning everyone was in the army.

The General/Leader of the Militia was the Great Khan


  • Darkhan
  • Xilin Gol
  • Tehran
  • Ulaangom
  • Khakassia
  • Baikalograd

Notable People

  • DoctorSnakes
    • Great Khan of Mongolia.
  • Potatokoke
    • Former Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.
  • surpomp1
    • Governor of Xilin Gol and part of the Nobility.
  • Hiddenmask
    • Part of the nobility.
  • EternalFlavour
    • Part of the council and chancellor.
  • moggers78
    • Part of the council and chancellor.


A map of the Mongol Empire, April 2019