Montréal is a town founded by Seranil on October 27th 2018 and owned now by Hodin, making it an Urbs Antiqua and the 20th town to be founded on EarthMC.


Montréal was founded after Seranil left New York City in search of a location to claim as his own, after thinking of Boston he settled on Montreal, after he made it he cleared the island of trees and made a small base, after this he began planning a chapel, know known as Victoria's Chapel, and after about 20 minutes he finished his design and began construction on the chapel with clay from the St. Lawrence Bay. He then got bored of Montreal and left it in the hands of Esburn88, not much happened during the period epic was mayor, Seranil then returned on the 28th of December, finishing his uncompleted chapel, claiming the rest of the island, and building the Arc de Briques. After this Montréal constructed Berri-UQAM, the metro station that connects to the Boring Company rails. Then on January 19th Seranil finished the roof of Berri-UQAM and constructed the Victoria Memorial. At around 12:30 AM on the 20th, Seranil finished Montreal Observatory. In the last few days of January and first few of February Seranil and Esburn's houses are built. On February 13th the Montreal Observatory was deconstructed. Later the same day TypicalFernie joined the town and went inactive. On February 14th Trois-Rivieres was annexed by Montreal and the demolision of the town began. After days of demolition and terraforming the landscape looks somewhat natural, minus the trees. Trois-Rivieres was planned to be the future spawn of the town. On March 24th Sorel-Tracy and Leclercville were assimilated into Montreal and rivers were dug as border between present and future departments. On March 25th Montreal completed their goal of claiming all the way up to Quebec City and had the mayor, past resident Esburn88, disband it as Montreal claimed over it and renamed to Québec-Montréal. On the 29th owentheguy was appointed Gouverneur of the newly assimilated department of Joliette. He got quick to work on building a townhouse. On April 14th Champlain was incorporated as a Department. It lays south of Tracy and Montreal, and is named after the Champlain Lake. On April 15th Québec-Montréal joined New England. On April 27th Montréal rejoined Wabanaki. At some point during this Seranil abolished departments due to new city plans. On April 30th the town renamed back to Montréal. On July 29th, 2019 Montreal would fall due to it being abandoned by its previous mayors.

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Other Information

  • The town animal of Montréal is the Great Gray Owl
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