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The Mossow – Neverwinter Iceway is a route composed of two individual ice roads. The first section was completed on 27 January 2020 and the whole Iceway finished on 23rd February 2021. It leads from Mossow, where it goes through the Mossow Iceway tunnel, via Shrek to Neverwinter.


The Route starts at Y 7 in the Mossow Iceway Tunnel in the Station of Mossow Elchwinkel Rd. Going South for a few metres and then turning left at an Intersection the Iceway reaches Mossow IRS. A hundred blocks east of the station the Iceway reaches an elevator which brings the Users up 160 blocks. From there the Iceway goes about 3000 blocks east, passing several maparts, until it reaches the past town of Shrek which marks the end of the first section which was completed on 27 January 2020. In Shrek the iceway makes a turn to the north and a few blocks further another turn to the east again. Here it passes an intersection and goes a thousand blocks east again. After these thousand blocks in turns north at an intersection and reaches it's end, the past town of Neverwinter, 500 blocks further north.


Initial Construction


The construction of the First Section began on 16th December 2019 when Diamant planned on building an Ice Road to Australia via Shrek. Diamant couldn't contact the Shrek Administration to ask for permission until 29th December 2019 when the ice road was a bit more that halfway completed. From that day on NoSkinForLife helped with the construction of the ice road. It was completed on 27 January 2020.


The construction of the Shrek – Neverwinter section is not documented, however its assumed that it was completed in December of 2019.