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Borough of Mossau
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District # III
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark.png 19960, 12570
Founded 13 Dec 2019
Population PopulationSymbol GRAY.PNG 6 (2021-08-30)

Niedermossow (German: ['niːdɐˌmɔsaʊ], English: Lower Mossow; or Niedermossau) is, contrary to popular belief, Mossau's second oldest district, founded on 13th December 2019. Due to the District's Number being III many people think it's the third oldest borough, however it actually isnt. It is located on Y levels 146 to 153, a few blocks lower than Obermossow, which is the origin of the name Lower Mossow. It's also Mossau's largest district by population.


The district is made up of the localities of Niedermossow and Dreye. These two localities were created to seperate the borough's two Y levels, Dreye being the easternmost – located on Y 146 – and Niedermossow the westernmost locality – located on Y 153. Niedermossow is bordered by the Wilderness to the South and East. Its only border with other districts are with Obermossow in the Northwest and Ostende in the Northeast. The soon-to-be Heilige Bruhkirche is located in the borough of Niedermossow and is, besides Yemen Inn, the major sight of the district.


Niedermossow is a district full of empty plots on which players build their houses themselves. Because of that, Niedermossow doesn't have a distinct architecture.


The only way of getting into Niedermossow is Jemensche Straße street, which is the borough's main street, where all the other streets of Niedermossow connect to. Niedermossow does not have any ice road stations, however the overground Mossau–Worldborder Iceway briefly passes through the borough.

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