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Borough of Mossau
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District # I
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark.png 19930, 12535
Founded 3 Dec 2019
Population PopulationSymbol GRAY.PNG 2 (2021-10-02)

Obermossow (German: ['oːbɐˌmɔsaʊ]), English: Upper Mossow; or Obermossau) is the first and therefore oldest borough of Mossau, having been formed on December 3rd 2019. It is Mossau's historical centre and the very first chunk of the town is located here.


Obermossau was Mossau's home chunk upon town creation on December 3rd 2019. It borders Sturmwies to the West, Leadenhall to the North, Ostende to the East, Niedermossow to the Southeast, and the Wilderness to the South. Although Obermossow geographically isnt located in the center of Mossau, it is somewhat known for being the City Centre nevertheless. It's also known for it's very narrow roads made out of cobblestone and old underground apartment buildings. It is located on the Y levels 156 to 159 in contrast to Niedermossow being located a few blocks lower, hence the name "Upper Mossow".

Famous Buildings and Architecture

A large portion of the buildings in Obermossow are protected due to their age, such as The Pillar and the Reichstag. Regarding the general architecture, Obermossau doesn't really have a distinct building style. In the Southwest of the district there is the Communist Warehouse, which is not only the /t spawn but also the central storage building were all the residents share their goods.


Located at the Hauptstraße-Straße 101-intersection there is the main building of Mossau IRS, Mossau's main ice road station. Before the ice road was moved underground there was an ice road viaduct passing through Obermossow. Obermossow was also home to Mossau Hauptbahnhof and Obermossau, which were two major railway stations, and a railroad running on the streets and in a tunnel until railway operation stopped in late 2020. Being also part of said railroad, just past the town limits there is Mossau Süd-railway station, which still exists today.

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