Description (u.d. 1.27.19)

Mukachevo founded December 1st, 2018 in Ukraine part of Minskan Rus. Mukachevo is an ever-expanding town, the town has already claimed 20+ chucks. Mukachevo is a type of an old village look to it, not very modern but not too out of date.



In the beginning, Pickyman was in the nation Qin, an enemy country of Minskan Rus, the town he had joined was not progressing, and were fooling around not helping the town. On December 1st, ScaryDragon_ had messaged me to make a town in the nation of Minskan Rus, and of course, I said, "yes." Scary had taught me all the basic commands on the server. Now I'm set to make the best town in all of Minskan Rus!

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