Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of the Russia.png
National Information
Full Name
National Anthem «Russia – our sacred state»
Name in Towny
Motto «Unity in Order»
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Capital City Saint Petersburg
Largest City Saint Petersburg, Petrograd, Pavlodar, Moskva
Oldest City
Established August 2019
Government Information
Leader ItzNotNeon.png Tsar ItzNotNeon
Prime Minister Blackcrow1945-2.png Blackcrow1945
Political System Government monarchy.png Constitutional monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Official Language Russie drapeau.png Russian

Englishflag.jpg English

Drapeau germanophonie.jpg German

Official Religion Russiaorthodox.png Orthodoxy;

Any religion is allowed

Army Size 28
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders MegaPic.png megablocklyng

BurntArrowMC.png BurntArrowMC

Past Capitals

Russia, formerly known as Muscovy is a nation in North-East Europe situatied in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. It borders Finland to the north and Terra Mariana to the west.

Russia is a member country of the World Organization of Russians and the Union of Atlantic States.



Friedrich's (semi)-abdication

Late August 2019 announced Kaiser Friedrich of the German Empire that he will be very inactive and chose to publish a democratic election where the citizens of the Reich could choose:

  1. Give Kanzler all power
  2. Make WilhelmII (AurelianCraft) Kaiser
  3. Make the Reich a full out democracy

The first choice won with over 50% of the votes however WilhelmII was not satisfied with the result and manipulated Kanzler JustNinja02 to overrule the result effectively declaring himself Kaiser. Many citizens got dissatisfied by this which made JustNinja02 resign his Kanzlership.

German-Triumvirate war

When the Triumvirate eaders heard about the political situation of the German Empire they chose to strike and conquered Rhineland. Wazes, who knew this would happen months before tried to warn the government, but none listened. The anger rose in the public promting Wilhelm to make a new election.

New Elections

The new elections were made the same day that the Rhineland was absorbed by France. At the time there were 6 people interested in the Kanzlership:

However only lustiquer and lucled were at first allowed to run on the grounds that Wilhelm considered Alexwins2 and Nick56730 "too Nazi" Megablocklyng lazy and Wazes too ambitious. However Wazes was allowed to run 6 hours into the elections. Furthermore Friedrich clearly stated that the elections would be made in electoral college fassion, however the vote was carried out in popular vote.

This enraged Wazes as he claimed the vote was carried out in an all-but-fair manor.

The Grand Revolt

Wazes, Nick56730, Alexwins02, Myamdane, Kaiser Chris, and megablocklyng were furious and together they created the society of TheNewReich, trying to get more members Wilhelm heard about it he stated "I will support you as long as you keep the monarchy" (implying he would support the organization as long as he gets to be Kaiser). In return responded Wazes "If we are having change, then everything must change. I personally want monarchy but then it has to change.". 5 days later TheNewReich announced that they are going to take matters into their own hands and do change themselves, to this did Wilhelm respond by removing their announcement, stripping

Wazes of his badges and exiling him to the Livonian Order (a country that was newly acquired).


Megablocklyng thought that Wazes did right in standing up for his values and joined him. October 6th 2019 decided both of them that they would create a new Russia to compete with the others. October 7th 2019 made megablocklyng the town of New Petrograd (later renamed to Saint Petersburg). Kanzler lucled got tired of the political climate in the GE und thus decided to join Wazes in the making of the new Russia.

June 2020

On June 1, 2020, Blackcrow1945 was elected Prime Minister of Russia. For the economic growth of Russia, he developed a socio-economic strategy for the development of Russia until August 2020, which was unanimously adopted a few days later. It is worth noting that by this time there was not only an economic crisis in the country (despite the work of the Europolis store), but also a personnel crisis.

These problems were solved by calling Russian-speaking players. Many new residents settled in Saint Petersburg, Pavlodar, Petrograd, Tver, and Yaroslavl. This contributed to the development of construction in Russia: the construction of administrative buildings, shops, trails, and ice trails began.

July 2020


The Russian government is the highest Executive authority in Russia. It consists of the Prime Minister, Ministers and Deputy Ministers. Russian Ministers control some parts of the country, and they also carry out orders from the Tsar and the Prime Minister.

Composition Of The Russian Government

  • Francon — Prime Minister
  • ___PVRVMXUNT___ — Minister of construction and transport
  • Limkid — Foreign Minister
  • _Ne_Neon_ — Defense Minister
  • Dutch_Games — Trade Minister


CTM Map.png

Russia is a fairly developed country in the field of transport. The state has a metro system, aboveground ice trails, trails, and cobblestone roads. The construction of transport branches in Russia is handled by the Ministry of construction and transport.



The first station of the Russian metro was the station in Saint Petersburg. It became the Terminus of the bright red branch of the CTM metro. The construction of this station made it possible to connect Saint Petersburg with the cities of Terra_mariana, Finland, Poland and many others. Of course, at that time it was a real transport progress for St. Petersburg: the lack of full-fledged roads, and even more so, ice trails, created problems with establishing relations with Russia's allies. The station in Saint Petersburg still exists, but it is not as popular as before. In addition, there is an unfinished extension of the metro line to Pavlodar.

Metro «Yenisei»

After Francon became Prime Minister Of Russia, the solution of transport links between Russian cities became one of the main tasks that the government faced. Francon made it clear that the cities of Russia are practically not connected by an ice route, except for some aboveground trails and trails. It was necessary to create an underground network of ice trails independent of external factors that would connect Russian cities.

Together with Ivan, who took up the post of Minister of construction and transport in the new government, Francon developed a plan for the construction of a single Russian metro. The first cities that were connected by the highway were Saint Petersburg and Pavlodar. The connection of these cities was quite understandable: Pavlodar was one of the largest cities in Russia, which is why often Pavlodar residents bought mobs or other items that can be transported exclusively on the highway in St. Petersburg. However, the development of the ice route did not stop: in the next two weeks, routes were laid to Volzhsk, Yaroslavl, Moscow and Novgorod. Over the next two months, Ladoga, Winterhur and Velsk were also added to the ice route.

It is also worth noting that this ice route is connected to the Finnish ice route. Thus, you can get to some cities in Finland from Russian cities. The agreement on cooperation in the transport industry between Russia and Finland was signed during the meeting of the governments of Russia and Finland in St. Petersburg in June 2020.

Stations have been built in each city where the ice route is laid. Some of them can be blocked in case of danger, which can help in the complete isolation of the city. There are also shops at the stations that sell boats and other items. In the future, it is planned to connect Minsk, Volozhin, Vologda, Ivangorod, Tarkov and Rovaniemi to the ice route.

Aboveground ice road

On the territory of Russia, there are three ice tracks that are repaired monthly and their condition is monitored. Ice trails mainly connect Saint Petersburg with remote cities: Winterhur, Vologda and empty territories. Also, these routes lead to foreign countries. The tracks are located at different heights, which creates some discomfort in their use, but due to this, there is no full-fledged traffic, which allows you to avoid traffic jams.

Roads and trails

On the territory of Russia there are a large number of trails that are not controlled by Russia and several cobblestone roads.




List of cities in Russia
City Mayor Population
Saint Petersburg ItzNotNeon 7
Petrograd Dutch_Games 4
Novgorod Limkid 6
Yaroslavl _AgentBlackout_ 1
Moskva Jekol 1
Winterhur BonAppetit 1
Ladoga Bladen2k 1
Pavlodar Francon 7
Ivangorod AirplaneGuy32 1
Volzhsk SPECTREiscoming 1
Vologda Savernik 3
Rovaniemi St_Anger 1
Tarkov B1g_Cheese 1
Velsk Ervest 3
Kingisepp _Ne_Neon_ 2
Volozhin EzFiz228 1
Мinsk cyelio 2
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