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Myanmar is a mountainous nation between the nations of Siam, Qin, and India. It's located in Asia in the real life country of Myanmar, also made of Union of city-states, always struggling to stay relevant until it eventually fell.

The Three Kings of Myanmar


Once given the land of Myanmar for free during late February, He ruled with a soft hand. Chilling around and trying to make people happy. During this time he created the Myanmar Discord and lead an example for the next ruler to come.


Past King of Myanmar. Given to by Krazy as he resigned from the kingdom. Cookie is a tired yes determined leader. Planing huge plans slowly while thinking of ways to improve his duchy. At this time the Capital changed to Ramree, renamed the King to Gnome cause it sounds nice, and improved the goverment structure and discord server.


Last King of Myanmar. Given to by Cookie as he retired from his duty as King. At the start of his reign, he entered an alliance with Manchuria to fight against Liao in the Manchuria-Liao war. His achievements as of now is building the Tower of Farms, a large and looming structure that contains many farms and facilities to mass produce material. He also implemented the "Build, Expand, Diplomacy" Program in which Myanmar will focus on expanding and building up the capital, trade goods, and enter an era of diplomacy. He also renamed the title with "Hari" due to his ethnic background as a Filipino.

Architecture and buildings

Many of KingSolomon's builds are recognized due to their size and imposing nature like the Tower of Farms. Most of his builds sticks to the palette King Cookie followed during his builds, although favoring stone and and stone bricks more than andesite and spruce wood. King Solomon was also responsible for the building of the floating islands in Ramree.

The Great Solomonic Library

The current project of King Solomon. This library is one to rival that of Alexandria. It's base and layout follows that of a medieval castle but it will contain architecture from all over the world along with the gathered history and stories from those areas.

The Fall of Myanmar

As KingSolomon joined as sole ruler of Ramree and Myanmar, he kept it all active until his activity began to wain. Leaving the nation activeless for months on end until he decides to move on and leave unexpectedly. The nation since then was past down to inactive or quiet leaders until it ceases to exist. The Ruins of Ramree still standing to this very day to remind those to it's short history.