NORK is a news organization on EarthMC. It was established on January 2nd 2020 by ENLS. It is a subsidiary of Endless Inc, who has full ownership of the organization.


ENLS used to work for the news organisation SVT, but when it was shut down he decided he wanted to start a new organisation that would be very similar to SVT but with a different branding. He decided on NRK, which in real life is the norwegian equivalent of swedish SVT. NRK was established on the 2nd of January 2020, and the Discord server was opened to the public.

Due to legal reasons, NRK had to rebrand and change it's name. Reminded of an old joke between him and ThundorLord, he renamed it to NORK. The organisation also got two new editors at that time.


There are currently six staff members, five of which are editors.

  • ENLS - Founder & CEO
  • JustADonutHere - Chief Editor
  • Dalalius - Editor
  • ThundorLord - Editor
  • TheBuderMaster64 - Editor
  • beppon - Editor
  • Kanino - Editor
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