Nador was a Spanish town located in northern Africa on mainland Morocco. It plays a huge role in Spain as it gives a colony, and the people are helpful and friendly.


Nador was created on the 26 of March 2019 and joined Spain the next day, celebrating by raising a Spanish flag in the middle of the town. The two citizens went around the world the following days to gather eggs, carrots, cacao beans and etc. Since then, Nador has been a wealthy town


The most notable building of Nador is its ice road station. Its where the ice road begins, and the first Spanish station.


On June the 21th, 2019, Tobias disbanded Nador, announcing he'd quit emc mostly because of the full queue. He then sent Pengun an open letter as his last act as chancellor of Spain

The letter:

I, the retard bird, have decided to leave Spain. It’s been a fun ride and I’ve met some awesome and helpful people in my time playing as a Spanish citizen, but everything has to come to an end. I hope you, the Spanish people, will appreciate the ice road I’ve built (with help), though not as pretty or big as the French ice road, or resourceful as the north African ice road. I also hope that you will help keep the road clean, removing blockades while driving on the road to make sure the Spanish ice road is as efficient as it can be. Instead of giving my town away to another Spanish citizen I’ve chosen to disband it. I chose this because of two reasons. No one seemed to want the city and I don’t have much time to find a person. To keep the cycle of old towns going to ruins and new towns being able to get items from the ruined towns. I’ve thought for a long time what my next project would be, but after three weeks of not coming up with anything to do I’ve come to a decision. I’ve decided to quit EarthMC all together and therefore will my last act on the server be to give all of my items to Pengun, to make Spain even stronger. I wish Spain and all of its citizens the best. Best regards ~ Tobiaslund03 aka The Retard Bird

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