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A list of Maintained Navies on EarthMC.

Ships that are not complete, have been griefed, have been removed or are located in fallen towns should be removed from this list. The exception to this rule is Ships in the wilderness that are in close proximity to a town, are maintained (grief removed regularly) and is only claimed by one nation as their ship.

Nation names are done in alphabetical order, ship names are done in type/class order, unnamed ships are placed beneath named ships but still in type/class order.

Some ships of certain navies may be located in a different nation. So if ships located in Nation A's territory and are clearly shown to be apart of Nation B's navy, then they are classed as being apart of Nation B's navy on this list.

Ships in Meganations (nations made of multiple towny nations) are listed under the names of the towny nation they're located in, not the Meganation simply because it's easier to keep track of as individual nations than to try and work out which nations are a part of which. Meganation navies may, however, be listed under the 'Known Megnation Navies' list for players that want to see what ships are apart of a given Meganation (ordered by alphabet.)

Top 5 Largest Navies of EMC

  1. Madagascar - 30 Ships
  2. Britain - 16 Ships
  3. Queen_Charlotte - 11 Ships
  4. Estonia - 8 Ships
  5. Ellesmere - 6 Ships

Known Meganation Navies

List known to be incomplete

North America


Avalon has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Gunboat Avalon.png
SS SKAUTAS Gunboat pee_pee_island


CSA has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
CSS Virginia Casemate Ironclad Mobile


Cuba has 5 ships
Ship Name Type Town
Dame Marie Cuba.png
Dame Marie Destroyer England
Dominica Dominican.png
Dominica Destroyer StDomingo

Kursk Act V Cuba.png
Kursk Act V Destroyer Santa_Clara
HMS Venezuela go brr Cuba.png
HMS Venezuela go brr Corvette England
Agios Nikolaos Cuba.png
Agios Nikolaos Gunboat Santa_Clara


Ellesmere has 6 ships
Ship Name Type Town
HMS Hans Island Ellesmere.png
HMS Hans Island Protected Cruiser Alert
HMS Kingsbridge Ellesmere.png
HMS Kingsbridge Destroyer Alert

HMS Nuremberg Ellesmere.png
HMS Nuremberg Frigate Alert

HMS Shengyang Ellesmere.png
HMS Shengyang Frigate Alert

HMS Freden Ellesmere.png
HMS Freden Torpedo Boat Alert
HMS Virrat Ellesmere.png
HMS Virrat Torpedo Boat Alert


Haida has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
CHDF Haida Haida.png
CHDF Haida Frigate Masset


Jefferson has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town
N/A Battleship Jefferson_Navy
Unnamed Submarine Jefferson.png
N/A Submarine Jefferson_Navy


North_America has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
IFS Lady Liberty North America.png
IFS Lady Liberty Battleship IFS_Lady_Liberty


Ontario has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Destroyer Ontario.png
N/A Destroyer DildoVersion3


Quebec has 4 ships
Ship Name Type Town
RQS Laurentides Quebec.png
RQS Laurentides Coastal Defence Battleship Saguenay
N/A Destroyer Rennes
HMS Malta Quebec.png
HMS Malta Torpedo Boat Quebec-City
N/A Submarine Rennes


Queen_Charlotte has 11 ships
Ship Name Type Town
RCS Deutschland Coastal Defence Battleship Athlone
RCS Legacy Cascadia.png
RCS Legacy Destroyer Athlone

RCS Birb Cascadia.png
RCS Birb Gunboat Athlone
RCS Jewel of Angeles Cascadia.png
RCS Jewel of Angeles Gunboat Athlone
RCS CBT Cascadia.png
RCS CBT Torpedo Boat Athlone

RCS Granada.png
RCS Granada Torpedo Boat Athlone
RCS Koblenz Cascadia.png
RCS Koblenz Torpedo Boat Athlone
RCS Reviving Cascadia.png
RCS Reviving Torpedo Boat Athlone
CHDF Sandspit Patrol Boat Athlone
RCS Espagna Cascadia.png
RCS Espagna Submarine Athlone

RCS Pride of Astoria Cascadia.png
RCS Pride of Astoria Submarine Athlone


Yukon has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
HMS Newburn Yukon.png
HMS Newburn Gunboat Newburn

South America


Chile has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Monitor Huáscar Ironclad Santiago



Austria has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Zerstörer 1936B Germany.png
Zerstörer 1936B Destroyer Bremen


Austria_Hungary has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
SMS Tegetthoff Austria Hungary.png
SMS Tegetthoff Battleship SMS_Tegetthoff


Britain has 16 ships
Ship Name Type Town
HMS Jutland Britain.png
HMS Jutland Aircraft Carrier Norfolk
HMS Synargle Britain.png
HMS Synargle Battle Carrier Norfolk

HMS Cutlass Britain.png
HMS Cutlass Light Cruiser Norfolk
HMS Deliverance Britain.png
HMS Deliverance Light Cruiser Edinburgh
Wales Boat Britain.png
Wales Boat Light / Torpedo Cruiser Wales

Unnamed Scout Cruiser Britain.png
N/A Light / Scout Cruiser Tórshavn
HMS Light Britain.png
HMS Light Destroyer Norfolk
HMS Holländisch Germany 2.png
KDM Nordsøen Destroyer Kongsmark
Unnamed Destroyer Britain.png
N/A Destroyer Tórshavn

Unnamed Frigate Britain.png
N/A Frigate Tórshavn
KDM Rømø Gunboat Kongsmark
KDM Slesvig Torpedo Boat Kongsmark
Unnamed Torpedo Boat 1 Britain.png
N/A Torpedo Boat Norfolk
Unnamed Torpedo Boat 2 Britain.png
N/A Torpedo Boat Norfolk
KDM Marsvinet Submarine Kongsmark

Unnamed Submarine Britain Submerged.png
N/A Submarine Bergen


Estonia has 8 Ships
Ship Name Type Town
N/A Coastal Defence Battleship Tartu
Laine Estonia.png
Laine Frigate Tartu
Pitka Frigate Tartu
SS Kalevipoeg Terra Mariana.png
SS Kalevipoeg Frigate Tartu
Ilmatar Terra Mariana.png
Ilmatar Gunboat Tartu
Unnamed Gunboat Estonia.png
N/A Gunboat Tartu
Sakala Estonia.png
Sakala Torpedo Boat Sakala

Sulev Terra Mariana.png
Sulev Submarine Tartu


Provence has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Le Redoutable France.png
Le Redoutable Destroyer Rondillax_City


Russian_Empire has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town
HMS Devonshire Finland.png
HMS Devonshire Heavy Cruiser Suur-Helsinki

FS Guepard Finland.png
FS Guepard Destroyer Suur-Helsinki


Saxony has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
SMS Nordstern Germany.png
HHS Grutkening Gunboat Friesland


Spain has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Rey Pengun Spain.png
Rey Pengun Aircraft Carrier Baleares



Bharat has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town

INS Shishumar Attack Submarine Neu Frankfurt
INS Shalki Attack Submarine Neu Frankfurt


Indochina has 5 ships
Ship Name Type Town
HIMS Chumphon Destroyer Chumphon
HIMS Jebat Frigate Kuala Lumpur
HIMS Kraburi Frigate Huahin
HIMS Saiburi Frigate Bangkok
ITS Balls Submarine Reclaimed_Kalewa


Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Corvette Israel.png
INS Glamourian Destroyer Sinai
INS Covenant Israel.png
INS Covenant Corvette Sinai


Korea has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
ROKS Admiral Yi Shimazu.png
ROKS Admiral Yi Frigate Seoul


Liao has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town

Liaoning Liao.png
Liaoning Aircraft Carrier Dalian

Unnamed Coastal Defence Battleship Liao.png
N/A Coastal Defence Battleship Dandong


New_Liao has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Submarine Ming.png
N/A Submarine Lulong


Oman has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town

HMS Majan Oman.png
HMS Majan Destroyer Salalah


Siberia has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town

TAKR Yerevan Siberia.png
TAKR Yerevan Heavy Aviation Cruiser Severstal_Yard
EM Gremyashchy Siberia.png
EM Gremyashchy Destroyer Severstal_Yard


Yemen has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town
YSI Revenant Yemen.png
YSI Revenant Destroyer YSI_Revenant
Unnamed Missile Boat Yemen.png
N/A Missile Boat Aden



Ethiopia has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
HMS Greg Ethiopia.png
HMES Greg Gunboat Addis_Ababa


Madagascar has 30 ships
Ship Name Type Town

RMNS Cloaked Eagle Madagascar.png
RMNS CloakedEagle Battleship Malagasy_Docks
RMNS Reunion Coastal Defence Battleship Malagasy_Docks
RMNS Jacob van Heemskerck Light Cruiser / Flotilla Leader PembaCoast
RMNS Haste Destroyer Malagasy_Docks
RMNS Lancer Destroyer Malagasy_Docks

RMNS Lemur Destroyer Malagasy_Docks

RMNS Lightning Destroyer Malagasy_Docks

RMNS Musketeer Destroyer Malagasy_Docks
RMNS Allium Frigate Malagasy_Docks
RMNS Azure Bluet Frigate Malagasy_Docks
RMNS Lilac Frigate Malagasy_Docks
RMNS Tulip Frigate Malagasy_Docks
RMNS Kingfisher Madagascar.png
RMNS Kingfisher Minelayer Malagasy_Docks
RMNS Fire Madagascar.png
RMNS Fire Corvette Malagasy_Docks

RMNS Horn Madagascar.png
RMNS Horn Corvette Malagasy_Docks

RMNS Bali Madagascar.png
RMNS Bali Sloop (Colonial Gunboat) Reunion

RMNS Betsiboka Madagascar.png
RMNS Betsiboka Gunboat Reunion
RMNS Mangoky Madagascar.png
RMNS Mangoky Gunboat Malagasy_Docks
RMNS MGB-01 Madagascar.png
RMNS MGB-01 Gunboat Malagasy_Docks
RMNS MGB-02 Madagascar.png
RMNS MGB-02 Gunboat Malagasy_Docks
RMNS MGB-03 Madagascar.png
RMNS MGB-03 Gunboat Reunion
RMNS MTB-01 Madagascar.png
RMNS MTB-01 Torpedo Boat Malagasy_Docks
RMNS MTB-02 Madagascar.png
RMNS MTB-02 Torpedo Boat Malagasy_Docks
RMNS MTB-03 Madagascar.png
RMNS MTB-03 Torpedo Boat Malagasy_Docks

RMNS MTB-04 Madagascar.png
RMNS MTB-04 Torpedo Boat Malagasy_Docks

RMNS MTB-05 Madagascar.png
RMNS MTB-05 Torpedo Boat Malagasy_Docks
RMNS MTB-06 Madagascar.png
RMNS MTB-06 Torpedo Boat Malagasy_Docks
RMNS MTB-07 Madagascar.png
RMNS MTB-07 Torpedo Boat Reunion
RMNS MTB-08 Madagascar.png
RMNS MTB-08 Torpedo Boat Reunion
Unnamed Submarine Madagascar.png
RMNS S-01 Submarine Sainte_Marie


Numidia has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
KDM Friheden Numidia.png
KDM Friheden N/A Tripoli


Senegal has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town
FSV Clouseau Senegal.png
FSV Clouseau Aviso (Colonial Gunboat) Dakar
Unnamed Submarine Senegal.png
N/A Submarine Dakar


Tanzania has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
HMS Bunda Battleship Tanzanian_Navy


Zanzibar has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town
HMS Leul Zanzibar.png
HPS Nyota Juu Destroyer Zanzibar
Unnamed Submarine Zanzibar.png
N/A Submarine Zanzibar



Moreton_Bay has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town

Unnamed Battleship Moreton Bay.png
N/A Battleship Zetta
Unnamed Ship Moreton Bay.png
N/A N/A Zetta


Solomon_Empire has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
ENS Mergopolis II Solomon Empire.png
ENS Mergopolis II Submarine Mergopolis



Antarctica has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town

EPR Forcer 002 Antarctica 2.png
EPR Forcer 002 Frigate Bingha