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The Netherlands is a nation in Europe, created by the previously Queen AmeleAthens. The Netherlands is a vassal state of France, meaning that it pledges its allegiance to France and recognizes the authority of the Emperor, but retains its autonomy as an independent nation. The current Head of State is the Dutch king Kubikiribocho.



The Netherlands was founded from its capital, Amsterdam, after the return of AmeleAthens from Japan. She decided to return to Europe after losing a tough election to Synargle and having problems with former Japanese emperor, FenZenyatta. The nation was not created in 2019, yet created in 2018 by a player named Bunny119. It was originally named Germany, and the capital used to be Bremen. When Bunny119 decided to stop playing EarthMC, he decided to give his nation to his friend, Amele, who renamed it to Netherlands and it has stayed that way since July. On it's 1 year anniversary, Amele gave the Netherlands to current King Kubikiribocho.


The Netherlands is a Kingdom governed by the current reigning monarch King Kubikiribocho. Because of the previous Queen Amele's status as a French noble, the nation negotiated with the French Emperor Optimus_Trajan to become a vassal state of France. This means that while the Netherlands is an autonomous nation, it has pledged its allegiance to France and Optimus_Trajan is recognized as its Emperor. The Netherlands still has independence when it comes to many aspects, although the military and borders are overruled by French Emperor, Optimus_Trajan.

On the 18th of November, Amele resigned as Queen. King Kubikiribocho is currently the king of the Netherlands. The mayor of Eindhoven, Quandorum, is the only Colonist of the nation.

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