The city of Berlin is kind of divided in three, Neu_Berlin and Old_Berlin. Neu_Berlin is the capital city of the German Empire and Old_Berlin is the capital of Prussia. And there's a third little part called Berlin (currently under the control of Germania).


Nazi Germany

Before the German Empire and Prussia were born, Berlin, was under the direct control of Nazi Germany ruled by Adolf_Hitlar. But when the Reich fell it was quickly occupied by both nations and made it as their capital.

The Great Resurgence

During March and April 2019 Neu_Berlin was growing in population, houses were built almost every day, its army was growing slowly.

The Fate of The VolksHalle

After a long debate to decide whether to keep it or destroy it, The fate of the VolksHalle was a great remodeling, to make it less Nazi. The construction started during the reign of Hitlar (Nazi Germany) and never finished to this day. It was known that to finish a building of that size was kind of impossible so the alternative was to destroy it. On 28th April 2019, the remodeling starts. It was chosen to transform it into an Auditorium.

The Great Decline

During May 2019, after the EMC server was closed and re-opened, serious issues were developing, The fall of the economy made players in Neu_Berlin losing their claims and their formal Kaiser. The increase of new players made the server queue so slow, this issue made a decline in German player activity and Neu_Berlin lost 50% of Its population. The town during this problem was kind of deserted. But on the 10th of June things started to get better.


After the end of the Great Decline, Neu Berlin is growing again like the past and the Kaiser is claiming more lands to ensure it's safety.


Neu_Berlin is a big city with big structures, in fact, there are present:

  • The Brandenburg Gate
  • The VolksHalle or GroßHalle (under demolition)
  • Berliner Auditorium (under construction)
  • Houses in the eastern and western part of Neu_Berlin
  • Kaiser Square

The Brandenburg Gate


Notable People

Houses in the western part of Neu_Berlin

Houses in the eastern part of Neu_Berlin

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