An agricultural/farming based town, NewFoundLand sits on the North Eastern edge of North America. It is a quiet town and is not hostile with any other nation and it is allied with Musquaro

History Edit

On November 15th, 2018, MetroDweller discovered the land that we would eventually call home. After journeying from the Middle East and India respectively, CaptainSlawdog and Shadowninja1042 acquired the gold necessary and CaptainSlawdog founded the town of NewFoundland.

Political History Edit

First Mayor - CaptainSlawdog

Diplomacy Edit

Allies: Musquaro

Buildings Edit

Public Mine



Blaze Grinder

Notable People Edit

CaptainSlawdog - Mayor/Founder

Shadowninja1042 - Councillor/Founder

MetroDweller - Resident/Founder

anathemamegan - Resident

anticha - Resident