New Arran - Manus Island

New Arran has been created on 25th February 2019 after disbanding the town of Pontevedra by Tymek_T. It is located on Manus Island on Bismarck Sea. It is in Micronesia.


Story behind the name is really complicated. After choosing the new town's location Tymek_T was thinking about the name for his town. He didn't want to use island's name because Manus sounds very similar to Anus. Then he thought of Wolin, island between German and Polish territory. He wanted the name to sound cool so he named it "Volin" - that was the first name. On 2nd of March 2019, after watching Epic Rap Battles of History: George Washington vs William Wallace he became very interested in Scotland history and geography. He found a very nice looking island in the western Scotland, in Google maps, named Arran. Since Micronesia is part of British Commonwealth, he thought naming a city New Arran would be very nice and kinda patriotic. That's the end of this amazing story.


After creating the town, Tymek_T was very lonely. The only nations which radius was including New Arran were New_Guinea and Micronesia, which were ruled by people who lived in different time zones so when Tymek_T was sleeping in his bed, they were playing Minecraft. So one night, on March 1st of 2019, Tymek_T decided to stay awake until 11 pm so FutureCW could invite him. The mission was successful and from that day New Arran is part of Micronesia (which is part of the British Commonwealth).

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