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New Caledonia
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New Caledonia Flag
Coat of Arms
New Caledonia coat of arms
290px-New Caledonia on the globe (small islands magnified) (Polynesia centered).svg.png
New Caledonia territory
National Information
Full Name New Caledonia
National Anthem
Name in Towny New_Caledonia
Motto French: Terre de parole, terre de partage

English: Land of speech, land of sharing

Population 9
Chunks 43
/n list page /n list 14
Capital City Poum
Largest City Poum
Oldest City
Established June 23rd 2020
Government Information
Leader StaffSgtGravy
Chancellors w3v1l


Prime Minister N/A
Political System N/A
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language French, English
Official Religion Catholicism
Army Size N/A
Part of Oceania/Zealandia
Historical Information
Past Leaders N/A
Past Capitals N/A

New Caledonia is an island nation that is just South of Vanuatu and North of New Zealand.


New Caledonia consists of one main island and four other smaller ones. The four smaller islands include the Loyalty Islands (a province of New Caledonia) which has three islands called Lifou Island, Mare Island and Ouvea Island. Out of this province is another smaller island called Isle of Pines, South East of mainland New Caledonia




  • Poum

Past towns

  • Lifou Island
  • New Hell
  • Devutown
  • Pondichery
  • Lifou Island
  • Consoladora
  • Nouméa (Now part of New Zealand)


Sometime ago, there was no actual nation on the island recorded but there was a town in New Caledonia called Devutown, made by Zhyterios, which was part of Moreton Bay, Australia and was the "spiritual capital" of the islands for a while but the town fell, leaving the "spiritual capital" to Pondichery. Pondichery existed for a while until it split from New Zealand and the mayor became banned. It eventually fell and New Caledonia was pretty much empty.

Random towns like Lifou Island, Consoladora, Nouméa and Poum appeared. Poum made the first New Caledonia recorded in history.

Nouméa left New Caledonia to join the nation of New Zealand. Reason is unknown but the land which Nouméa stands at is back to New Zealand's territories.

Moreton Bay has owned the northern part of New Caledonia, so Moreton Bay owned the northern part of Caledonia while New Zealand owns the southern part of New Caledonia and Lifou Island.


The nation was founded on June 23rd 2020.