A confederacy formed between California, North California, and Rough and Ready on 2/8/2020. The confederacy acts as one nation split into three districts know as the Californian District, North Californian District, and the Rough and Ready District.


The Old Confederacy (11/20/2018 - 11/27/2018)


The Old California Confederacy was a group/alliance formed between small towns in California, created by No_Jewtsu (Los Angeles), Cmad88 (Sacramento), and NigelFarage666 (San Francisco). It was founded 11/20/2018. The main goal of this confederacy was to gain enough gold to make the nation of California. Since there was barely any nations back then, getting gold was already pretty difficult. No one had a lot of exp farms, so good mining equipment was rare. Later the town of Las Vegas joined to increase the size of the confederacy. Lake Tahoe, a very important nation in California history, joined the confederacy right before the nation was created. The 512 gold was eventually earned to make a nation. No_Jewtsu created the nation of California on 11/28/2018 and all of the members of the confederacy joined. The confederacy would then be left inactive as there was no use for it anymore. No_Jewtsu sent Mac3030 to make El Paso when the nation was created.

The New Confederacy (2/8/2020)


With California being split up into three different nations, they decided to be together once again. They reformed the Old California Confederacy into the New California Confederacy on 2/8/2020. The government and structure of the confederacy is still being built several days after. The nation Jefferson, which is located at Lakeview, joins the confederacy on 2/28/2020. The allied command of California, North California, Rough and Ready, Salish, Haida, and Jefferson have began to take action against Washington for violating border protocol and establishing a town outside their territory.

Inactivity and Disbandment

The idea was later scrapped and the confederacy was disbanded along with HueyFreeman1 leaving, but California still acts as an empire with 3 provincial territories.





Member Nations

Nation Leader Geographic


Date Joined Date Left
North California Bring7heAction San Francisco area 2/8/2020
Rough and Ready SeedyCharacter North California area 2/8/2020
California Gawker Los Angeles and lower California 2/8/2020
Jefferson CaptnClutch7810 Goose Lake 2/28/2020
Glacier Bay GeorgeMichaeI South East Alaska 3/6/2020
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