New Californian Republic (NCR) is a nation that was formed through Old California by declaring independence through this document . Lompoc is the capital of New Californian Republic and is lead by Polythemeus.

History Edit

The Start Edit

On 2/2/19 Lompoc declared independence from Old California with their accidental power given through No_Jewtsu. They declared independence through this document . Old California, Arizona, and Baja are left outraged by this action due to the document having invalid facts. Lompoc disbands all towns of Old California except Oceanside making them go to /n list page 6 instead of 3. Lompoc plans to hold constitution convention on 2/8/19. On the convention it is planned to re-invite the old towns of Old California. Unfortunately the old towns of Old California declined or were too inactive to respond. The convention was not held because Z1rbster, the old Californian president wasn't online for 2 weeks. Leuctra a new town of NCR is founded.

Death of Pacific States Edit

On 2/15/2019 the southern Californian nation, Pacific States, was disbanded due to the leader, NigelFarage666 being banned for duping gold. This gives a slight advantage to Oceanside, a town of NCR, due to it not being claim blocked by Pacific States anymore. The mayor of Oceanside says he will start to become active again since the frustration between Pacific States is over.