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New England was a nation based in the Northeast United States and parts of Southern Canada.


New England was founded at 9:10 PM EST, April 15th, 2019 by Lucas2011. Its Capital was Boston. It encompassed 15 towns by April 27th of that year.



Prior to New England, there was an alliance of towns in the Northeast US and southern Canada. It was called Iroquois, and was part of the greater Wabanaki Nation. This alliance was meant to increase development and community in the area and succeeded very well. After a while of this alliance, the Wabanaki Government began to slow down, and more and more other nations were attacking and raiding towns in Wabanaki. More internal tensions arose when the player LittleMining was found to have committed voter fraud, and subsequently resigned and left the nation to form the Midwest. Due to all of this, and the relatively high support in some Northeastern towns, New York, Newark, and Québec-Montréal all left Wabanaki and formed New England.


After the foundation of the nation, a Discord was quickly made and organized by Seranil, where New England could then begin developing as a nation. New England received some backlash from Wabanaki for leaving, but nothing too serious. New England leaving combined with the Midwest leaving left Wabanaki with under 200 players. For the next couple weeks after New England was formed, it grew to extend from Georgia, Indiana, and even Toronto. During this time the nation began to rapidly grow to a current population of 243, and began to organize. New England set up a military, public transit system, and militia.After the fact New England was the first state to join the United States along with MidWest, Carolina and Arizona.


New England served as a thriving power for the majority of its existence. However, following the collapse of the United States of America, New York and Newark declared their independence from New England, resulting in the nation breaking up by the end of the Stabilization Era. Following this violent breakup of most of its territories, New England reformed itself into the nation of America.


New England was under the leadership of Lucas2011, who has appointed Councillors to help him start and maintain the nation. Bidav served as his successor, and still manages the city of Boston.


On April 25th, 2019, New England began formation of a militia, organized by Seranil, in order to combat insufficient protection of citizens in foreign jurisdictions.

Notable Buildings

  • Twin Towers WTC
  • Grand Central Station
  • Empire State Building
  • Arc de Briques
  • Ghostbusters HQ
  • Church Of Norfolk

Notable People