New Jersey is a Nation founded by Bigred914, 42symbols, OrangeJuiceMoose, Samisol, Scottydude456, and other Newark members. It was founded due to a breakdown of the nation of The Tri-State Area.

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Pre-New-Jersey Period

Before New Jersey became a nation, Newark, its capital city, was a city allied with New York, the capital of the nation The Tri-State Area. The leader of this nation, Lucas2011, was constantly offline; due to a conflict with Foof4545(Currently known as Bob_Denim), a chancellor of The Tri-State Area and councilor of New York, and the nation of Virginia, Lucas2011 rejoined the server and declared that he would be temporarily turning the government into a complete dictatorship to prevent the Virginian peoples from attacking New York, due to a war having started which New York refused to acknowledge. However, because DCDylan, a government member of Virginia, owned part of the Empire State Building, multiple Virginian citizens decided to destroy the building with TNT and flame arrows. Multiple Virginians, New Yorkers and Newarkers watched the event and its aftermath. This event proved to be the turning point in New Jersey history.

Transition to New Jersey

After the Empire State Attack, Lucas2011 began to go into a downward spiral of overly abusive usage of his dictatorship. This annoyed many Newarkers, since much of the Tri-State's active citizens were Newarkers. Lucas2011(who will be referred to as Lucas from this point on) was oblivious to the fact that Newarkers were upset with his abuse of power.

Around this time 42symbols became a councilor of Newark. Because of the frustration of many players, he and other government members pitched the idea that Newark should secede from the Tri-State and become the Nation of New Jersey (at this time, Newark's territories had by far expanded past real life New Jersey State borders.). Many councilors in Newark agreed with this idea. New Jersey was formed, and it declared itself neutral.

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