New Lechia
Polish Gotland
Town Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny New_Lechia
Established March 2019
Nation Kingdom of Poland Polish Kingdom
Population 2
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor Dawidek04122003 Hermit dawidek04122003
Political System
Economic System
Official Language Polish
Official Religion Slavic
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

New Lechia is a town with a special rank of oversea territory of Poland located on Gotland Island, in the nation of Polish Kingdom. It got founded where the old town of Visby used to be.


Visby Era (August 2019 - March 2020)

Once owned by Terra Mariana, the town of Visby went into disrepair over the day it was unclaimed, empty and ransacked. It was first claimed by Riftal of the Kalmar Union on the southern part of the Island, where the original bank was. The town had then joined the Kalmar Union.

On the 26th of November 2019, Riftal stepped down as Mayor of Visby, as he wanted to move on to make the nation of Finland. He gave the town to ENLS of the Kalmar Union, who became the mayor. He expanded the town a couple of chunks, and built a couple new buildings.

Current Era (March 2020- )

On March 9th 2020, ENLS decided he wanted to leave Visby, so he gave the town to Terra Mariana for dawidek04122003 to take over as mayor.

The first change he did as mayor was to change the name of the town from Visby to New Lechia according to the new, fictional Lechian Empire, extending from Germany to Ural mountains.

April 2020

Gotland left Terra Mariana peacefully and joined Polish Kingdom as a oversea territory.


When German forces were marching towards city of Danzig, dawidek04122003 decided to change sides and joined Nation of Germany.

In the case of German dishonour and disrespect, dawidek04122003 decided to join nation of Poland and fully fight aginst German attackers.


idk how tochangeflaghelpmepls

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