New Randers was a small independent town in northern Svalbard.



This town was created on December 6, 2019, by RG_Guy_05. The town was founded against Svalbard's government and wished to begin a rebellion.


The town expanded quickly, and constructed new residences and landmarks. The town also adopted Satanism as its official religion, building the New Randers Paimon church.


The original mayor, RG_Guy_05, eventually left the town. This has resulted in a precipitous decline, reducing the town's population to the mayor alone. The town collapsed on April 3, 2020, and had garnered a hateful reputation by this time. The town was looted by residents of neighboring Longyearbyen, Barentsburg, and Kantbyen after collapsing.

New Randers Rebellion


A player by the name of RG_Guy_05, with gnomedrick, decided that he wanted to rebel against his nation Svalbard, because they weren't creating a democracy. And New Randers was born. circa. December 2019.


The town at first joined Svalbard, trying to fool Thundorlord. But a few hours later, it left, and started the rebel.

Since they were very poor, a nation couldn't be achieved. Eventually Rg guy went inactive, leaving gnomedrick as the mayor. The town got a few people, but eventually went inactive. The town will fall sometime in late March 2020

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