New Rome is a small town located on the Northern tip of the Caspian Sea.


New Rome was founded by Pmsch10 on December 2018. As of now, it has had no major conflicts with other Nations or Towns, It has built a friendly reletionship with Byzantium.


New Rome is led by Keelebox and his advisors, Livew1re and Skittles8284.

Other Info

New Rome is not currently accepting new citizens, as keelebox needs to work some things out.

It probably fell.
2018-12-28 17.20.30

A wooden building

2018-12-28 17.20.59

A Grave

2018-12-28 17.21.17

Some Signs

2018-12-28 17.21.30

A Plot

2018-12-28 17.22.12

The Hallway

2018-12-28 17.22.41

The "Throne"

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