New Russian Empire (originally Russian Empire, Tzarist Moscovy) was founded on March 24 Created in Northern Russia


The First Tsar

(March 24 2020 - Present)

The day when it was bought

On March 23 2020, MR_Pinguing put an announcement about selling a nation (Kingdom of Norway). We were hyped because the nation was at a cheap price (500 Gold). We bought it and start planning the expansions and the territory with other nations.

Creation of Tzarist Moscovy

Within only a week of the announcement, GreenTeaAnnie Pandi0r and DJDONRAMON created the "Russian Empire". This nation sought to recreate the Russian Empire at its peak 1814 borders, with GreenTeaAnnie Pandi0r and DJDONRAMON as the Tsar Family. On March 24, 2020, the name was changed to "Tzarist Moscovy".

Rapid Growth

As the Tsar Family invited more and more towns and nations in the "Mother Nation" the nation grew rapidly in popularity and in the territory.

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (PLC)

Among with Ukraine, the Russian Empire also joined the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This military and economic alliance, between Ukraine, Poland, PLC, KingdomofRussia, KOR and the Russian Empire, sought to create a stable East Europe and Asia.

The Almighty Russian Union (ARU)

Among the foreign affairs policies enacted by the Tsar Administration at this time was the Almighty Russian Union. This alliance was meant to secure the Russian Empire and provide a counterweight to the other major military alliance known as Kalmar Union (Scandinavian Alliance). Some of the major members of the Almighty Russian Union (ARU) included Russia, Soviet Russia, South Russia Perm Krai and the Russian Empire.

Creation of the Russian Empire

After the union of several nations on April 3rd 2020 the nation changed the name to Russian Empire and expended the borders near Siberia


The Tsar Family


  • Pandi0r


  • -

Tsar Family

  • GreenTeaAnnie

Imperial Council

  • GreenTeaAnnie

Ministry of the Imperial Court

  • -

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ministry of War

  • -

Ministry of Finance

  • -

Ministry of Justice

  • -


  • Pandi0r (Novgorod)
  • DJDONRAMON (Suceava)


Architectural Wonders

The Castle from Suceava

Serving as the main fortified construction, the castle of Suceava is a cubic private space that includes the Council house. The Castle in its entirety occupies a 2 by 2 chunk area of the Suceava. Stone Blocks Cobblestone and Stone are among the materials used to decorate the ornate marvel.

The Czar Castle (The Winter Palace)

Currently in construction


The general architecture is from the classical to medieval ages. While it is not enforced, mayors and citizens alike are encouraged to build in this style.


The nation the Russian Empire is mostly located in the region of the Plains of Europe with the exception of some cities like society located in Siberia.


The Russian Empire is primarily located in Russia. However, it also has a strong presence in Eastern Europe (particularly in the Balkans), Northern Romania and Moldova, and Siberia.

Position in Relation to Other Nations

North of Novgorod, is the Arctic Ocean. To the east is Siberia. Towards the south-east is Greater-Armenia. In the west is Belarus, Terra Mariana, PLC, Poland Russia and Ukraine. Finally, in the south is the Black Sea with Ukrainian Empire and Romania.

Foreign Relations




Friendly Relations 




Hostile Relations



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