New Tolanaro is a town that is located in that south coast of Madagascar. New Tolanaro was a result of an old town being given to MasterFaustino due to the server's economy being shut down for a while. Its actual beginnings start on May 13th, 2019 but the town was created on May 10th, 2019. New Tolanaro still being built at the moment but is soon going to advertise for new players to join.

History and making

The beginning

The town was created on May 10th, 2019 going by a different name. During this time, the EMC economy was down and no one could create towns or nations. It was at this time MasterFaustino came to Madagascar and bought that said town and named it "New_Tolanaro" after the real city of Tôlanaro/Tolagnaro. The first buildings of New Tolanaro were a lighthouse and a mining house.

The past

After a while, New Tolanaro started to grow and gain residents. Some of these people included Kingley, FSCheetah, XWereWolfX56, and more. But a major disaster happened to the town when MasterFaustino tried to tax the residents but it failed causing all the residents to get kicked without warning. This caused FSCheetah and Kingley to grief the town after an unfortunate amount of events. A few people stayed in New Tolanaro and brought it back to its former glory. Over a couple of months, the town kept growing. Now it had things like apartments, hotels, a shop, tall buildings, and more. One time, MasterFaustino wanted to create his own nation from all the gold he got from Nepal's casino because he wanted the town to have an /n spawn so more people can hear about New Tolanaro. But this would remove the claimblock bonus that the town gets from the nation so he decided not to do it.


On August 16th, 2019, MasterFaustino resigned from being mayor and was going to be Nepal's king. The role of mayor was handed down to XWereWolfX56. The town continues to expand and in the future, going to advertise for new players to join the town.

Fun facts

  • Ciao000000 joined New Tolanaro before
  • Most of New Tolanaro was built by XWereWolfX56 but there were a few people that built some stuff
  • This town was created when the economy was down
  • Old Tolanaro is really just Toliara, the town that MasterFaustino bought to make New Tolanaro
  • The town is now a combination of two towns because it has claimed an old previous town called "Tranoroa"
  • Pesetz and Arkas_King both have embassies in New Tolanaro


Screenshot 20191111 191458

New Tolanaro from towny map

2019-11-09 13.42.27-min

The TV tower named "Cloud 9"

2019-11-11 15.46.58

The town's map

Old New Tolanaro

The earliest photo of New Tolanaro

2019-06-01 10.20.19

Another early photo of New Tolanaro

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