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The Second New York Riot - Why and How

At approximately 11:50 EST on Aug 10, 2019 three protesters (RealPelican, AlexWins2, and 1234cake) gathered around the Blue Balls shop in New York. In response to past drama between Captainb4, Dcd against RealPelican, AlexWins2, and 1234cake Captainb4 had reported them to new york over them trapping Dcd in a plot. According to Captainb4 the 3 went on to dox Dcd. After all of this drama and beef between the 3 and Cap and Dcd lead to the protests. This shop is known for selling mapart. Captainb4, the owner of the shop, called in user UnbatedAura as private security. PVP was enabled at the shop and the protesters were killed. However, these protesters called out captainb4 for what they claimed was a flagrant violation of the cascadian constitution which permits peaceful assembly. This caused a small amount of geared players to show up at the shop, notable people including The_Lone_Sp3rm, Keeper05, and Aegis100, the president of the mega-nation Cascadia at the time, also show up. The protest quickly became a riot, with geared players using the shop to PVP with other geared players. The owner of the shop barricaded himself and UnbatedAura inside the shop, despite players already being inside. The riot did eventually die down, but then the owner on the orders of bigred
2019 0810 Conflict in New York

Some participants during the New York riot on Aug 10, 2019

re-enabled PVP at the shop. Soon after, players started using the street and the roof of the shop as a PVP arena. People began jumping off of tall buildings using makeshift ledges and landing on the shop, killing them instantly. The riot raged on for almost an hour before finally being cut short when the owner of the shop disabled PVP for the final time. The conflict was a culmination of local and diplomatic turbulence, mainly a boiling of a different court case set to occur a few days after the event, the only seeming commonality between the protesters, their defenders (from New York), and members of attacking nations, was a call to "#bancaptainb4" the one who could've prevented much of the violence. Original post made by Usernametakenfornow. (SirInfinity in-game)

Captainb4 and UnbatedAura were later accused of orchestrating and committing mass murder, and were tried under the Cascadian Supreme Court.

Former protester RealPelican served as prosecuting attorney on behalf of Cascadia and succeeded in the case with the jury finding captainb4 guilty of all charges.

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2019 0810 New York Scene

Scene of the riot

2019 0810 New York Scene 2
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The New York Riots Memorial

A memorial was built to commemorate the New York Riots on August 11, 2019

2019 0811 New York City Memorial

The New York Riots Memorial

Original Article by SirInfinity

Minecraft Trial

A trial was held a few days after the event on Aug 11, 2019 (Cascadia v UnbatedAura and Captainb4).

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2019 0811 Court

Cascadia v UnbatedAura and Captainb4 on Aug 11 2019

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