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Nick, originally named NickPot36, joined on 11/27/2019 and is the co-founder of Nova Scotia and owns the town Stephenville. Nick is known for seceding from Avalon and blurting out his fowl 'stories' in the global chat. Nick is No_Jewtsu.

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Nick joined the server on 11/27/2019 with the original intention to own a town and a nation, he just didn't know where. He settled on Newfoundland, near Avalon, and named his town Stehpenville. Nick and NotTheRealNogle (Nogle) paired up and started working towards a nation.


Stephenville is a town made by Nick on 11/27/2019. It is a coastal town with many opportunities to expand. Nick and metal_12344 are the main builders of the town.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a nation created by both NotTheRealNogle and Nick on 12/7/2019. Nick, putting in the most gold, went in as Vice President since he owned a lot less land than Nogle. After creating the nation, Nova Scotians were declared as enemies from the people of Avalon. This negative relationship was soon settled and Nova Scotia and Avalon continue to be allies while they setup a land agreement.


Nick is a member of the Scotianese ethnic group and so are all of the people under the Nova Scotian rule


Nick gets permanently banned for being revealed as No_Jewtsu, which a player who was permanently banned on 2/4/2019. Nick says goodbye to everyone and leaves EMC forever by leaving all of the discord associated with it.