Nicosecci bust
Profile Information
Nation Terra mariana cross Terra Mariana
Town Hiiumaa flag Hiiumaa
Towny Rank Mayor, King and Chancellor
Organization Connect TM
Political Party
Discord nicosecci#8586
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn April 13, 2019

09:32:06 UTC

Place of Spawn Sahara desert Wiki-wordmark -1299, -4498
Physical Information
Nationality Italian/Polish
Gender Male
Blood Type
Zodiac Aquarium
Height 185 cm
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
Terra Mariana

nicosecci is a player from the nation Terra Mariana, that first entered EarthMC Terra Nova server on April 13, 2019. nicosecci never left Terra Mariana, and probably never will.

I'll die for Terra Mariana
(nicosecci's answer to "join finland or die")

Nicosecci vs MM1kael

A sentence by nicosecci, during a discussion with MM1kael from Greater Finland


The start on EMC Classic

2019-04-13 11.33.03

The first screenshot ever taken by nicosecci on the server, taken 50 seconds after joining

The first time nicosecci has ever joined EarthMC, was on September 4, 2017. He eventually stopped playing for a long time, until coming back on April 13, 2019, on the Terra Nova server.

The come back on EarthMC

When nicosecci saw how the server was growing again, he decided to finally come back. He spawned in the Sahara desert. After 15 minutes of waiting, he suddenly recived a private message from the Terra Mariana leader, TommyJ2, inviting him to his town. nicosecci accepted the request and joined Arensburg, the capital city of the Terra Mariana. He got a plot and some materials, reciving the help of both UniBraDa and TommyJ2, residents of Arensburg.

The Uzhitz question

Work in progress...

The "worst evening"

Work in progress...

The re-birth of Hiiumaa

Work in progress...


The player has been resident of the following towns:

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