The location of Nigeria is 1160, -1847. It's in the continent of Africa. The nation of Nigeria started on 3/26/2019, which is March 26, 2019. The current members of Nigeria are ovooo and xauo.


Early History 

On March 26, 2019, ovooo took it upon himself to create a new dream nation of his. He wanted to create his own kingdom of elite Africans. He thought the perfect place to do this was not in a desert terrain, but in a beautiful abundant jungle area. He took it upon himself to make the best place possible for the elite. He wanted the most peaceful nation ever on African soil, so he started making friends with other nations in the area and around the map. There was a lot of preparation for the nation as it's very close to the new up incoming nation Niger. ovooo made relations with them right away as it would give his nation benefits as Niger is going to be one of the biggest nations on the server. This would ensure peace among his nation and other nations near the area. Wars and fights will be very rare with this treaty. When the nation of Nigeria was first created, one town by the name of Kano joined the nation. It was not the perfect fit though as Kano was going to be apart of the nation of Niger. Kano left in a day or two. The only city that is apart of Nigeria is Abuja at the moment, and is looking for new towns to join the nation of Nigeria, the elite kingdom of the Africans. March is the month of opportunity, and ovooo was genius to create his nation.


Nigeria has a democracy system with the President being ovooo. He rules the land, but makes decisions with other fellow members of the nation and makes votes to see what's best for the nation to ensure the kingdom of Africa is the perfect one for all walks of life.


Nigeria has no military as it wants to ensure peace with other nations. Nigeria is the kingdom of peace and of the elite Africans, and wants to ensure that all nations will abide by Nigeria's rules. Failing to do so will spark a flame with allied nations such as the big nation of Niger. Niger will not be afraid to take action as a mega nation, and a nation of power.

World Wonders

The world wonders of Nigeria are beautiful jungles, tall trees, beautiful cities. Nigeria has lots of beautiful landscapes to offer to new players, and has an abundant of resources for use. Nigeria has an unlimited clean water source that lots of African nations don't have to offer. Nigeria's dedication to it's members is truly remarkable.

Notable People

  • ovooo (Creator and god of the kingdom of the elite Africans)
  • xauo (The first settler of the nation of Nigeria and the town of Abuja)
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