Nordaustlandet is a Semi-Independent Duchy of Svalbard.



In April of 2020, the historical king of all of Svalbard, ThundorLord, left in a major absence. This left a heavy power gap in the archipelago, which led to unrest throughout the isles. TreePapi, a powerful landowner in Svalbard, proposed a rebel nation to reactivate the dying nation on May 5. On May 7, Nordaustlandet was formed, with Kantbyen immediately seceding from Svalbard. This was falsely reported as a civil war by EMCL, even as the secession was peaceful.

Attempts at International Recognition

In the following days, Nordaustlandet gained two additional cities(Barentsburg and Sveagruva, respectively), and was increasingly recognized as a legitimate state. The NLA sent diplomats to Nordaustlandet, and acknowledged the failure of Svalbard to retain growth. The country eventually gained recognition from 6 foreign nations, and the cities of Hullstad and Pyramiden in Svalbard.

Conflict with Svalbard

Since the Formation of the Nation, there hasn't been too much animosity between the two Nations, fortunately. There aren't any serious or effective plans for War, due to Svalbard being very Unorganized, and Nordaustlandet's King being very passive. Some small factions have appeared within the nations wanting to declare war, however these are unlikely to end up in a full conflict.

Growth and Decline

Nordaustlandet eventually began independently expanding. The nation annexed the fallen town of New Randers, and established the Scandinavian outpost of Bjorkasen. Despite this expansion, the nation experienced issues reminiscent of that of old Svalbard, but to a much more concerning extent - while TreePapi remained online and active, some Jarls began to go inactive, leading to problems with the nation discord and further continuing the rapid decline of the archipelago's wealth and prestige. Regardless, governmental reforms were made, with a Chancellor election soon being held. The nation has stated its intent to retain its activity and prevent a similar collapse.

Government Reforms

With no other competition, Santacruiser, mayor of Kantbyen, was appointed the Chancellor of Nordaustlandet on June 8, 2020. During this time, the capital also began to grow, with new buildings being added to the Hol.

Conflict with Pakistan

Due to the leader of Pakistan and TheRealJewy attacking Santacruiser and Leafbox_, killing Bobberson07 and greifing Nordaustlandet and close allies Franz Josef Land, the king TreePapi decided to declare war stating that "We will remain on the defensive side, to protect our land". The war has gone in Pakistan's favor, with no casualties on their side and 4 on Nordaustlandet's side. Following the Battle of Sanaa, Nordaustlandet called Nubia into the war, and, following a falsified duel, the nation experienced further anger at Pakistan that has lead to additional justifications for declaring war. The conflict continues to escalate, and risks involving the GRE as a whole.


Svalbard "reunified" with Nordaustlandet after Bobberson07 ascended the throne. The new constitution of Nordaustlandet calls it as a Duchy of Svalbard, with no major regional autonomy. It continues to operate independently, even if they are politically united.



Jordetbyen, formerly known as Blomstringenbyen, is the wealthiest city in Nordaustlandet, and its capital.


A large manufacturing center, Sveagruva was founded by Fritocrusader. It shares the island of Edgeoya with Kantbyen, and is by far the most heavily developed city in the nation, with a high population density.


Founded by Afaukiz on June 10th, 2020, this town is one chunk. The town was amongst cotroversy due to its name.

Town size chart

Town Mayor Population Chunks
Jordetbyen (Capital) TreePapi 1 35
Lomfjorden MiztierKizhin 1 28
Forlandet Gege15 1 19
Sveagruva Fritocrusader 2 14
Pee_Pee_Byen Afaukiz 1 3


Nordaustlandet is a monarchy led by King TreePapi. It has no operating government, but it is planning to integrate facets of the oligarchic government seen in the twilight days of Svalbard. It's current chancellor is Santacruiser.



The Coast of arms of Sorkapbyen

Notable People

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