Town Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny NordfoldBanner Nordfold
Established March 9th 2020
Nation Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Population 1
Chunks 47
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor SnusbyFace Mayor Snusby
Political System
Economic System
Official Language English



Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations Finland (temporarily)
Past Mayors ENLSFace ENLS
Past Councillors

Nordfold is a town in Sweden founded by ENLS. It is located northwest of Sweden's capital Nya Asgard. The mayor of Nordfold is Snusby.


Nordfold was founded on March 9th 2020 when ENLS got sick of living in Visby. He gave Visby to Terra Mariana, and decided to start the new town in the north west of the capital Nya Asgard, so that they could connect the borders of the two towns after a while. He covered up an old town with grass, and started planning the town.

The first build that was constructed in Nordfold was the CTM ice road station, which was made by ENLS and _CrA6914. Not long after, the first house in the town was built by Noveritsch, due to ENLS not being confident in his building abilities. This house would become his home.

ENLS worked closely alongside _CrA planning and constructing Nordfold. ENLS liked Noveritsch's house design, so him and _CrA built replicas of it next to the existing one. The houses were put up for sale, but Nordfold had no residents to purchase them. ENLS decided therefore to invite a few new players to the town, and the first two residents joined.


March 2020

  • March 9th: Nordfold is founded by ENLS.
  • March 10th: The first ever screenshot of the town is taken by ENLS, with a view showing his progress covering up the old town under Nordfold.
  • March 14th: The first house in Nordfold is built by Noveritsch, and becomes ENLS's home.

The first ever screenshot taken of Nordfold

April 2020

  • April 3rd: ENLS and _CrA build replicas of the first house, and ENLS puts them up for sale.
  • April 4th: The Nordfold Stad discord server is created, and the first couple of residents join Nordfold.
  • April 11th: The Nordfold Bank is built by ENLS in the centre of the town.

June 2020

  • June 2nd: ENLS leaves Nordfold to join the capital and become the king of Sweden, leaving Usekker as the mayor.
  • June 22nd: Usekker leaves the server and Snusby takes over the town.


  • The Nordfold flag is based on the banner ENLS used for his Prime Minister campaign in December of 2019.
  • Nordfold was actually in the nation of Finland for a short period, giving ENLS the ability to use nation-required commands while waiting for an invite from Sweden. This only lasted for about 20 minutes, and the town has been in Sweden ever since.
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