Norrland is in Sweden, with nine provinces in it's area, only created to avoid invasion, being the richest and largest town when it was part of the Kingdom of Sweden, larger than Stockholm.


Norrland is a fairly new nation created due to paranoia of invasion when the war plugin was implemented.


God-Emperor: Casper_2001

Prime Minister: Zephireosia

Minister of Defense: DocDox00

Event Planner: Corgibutt123

Minister of Architecture and Town Development: Zephireosia

Head of the Supreme Court of Norrland: DrPurplePanda

Minister of Trade: Mr_Ccc

Informant of foreign and local affairs: DrPurplePanda


A small military that will only invade if circumstances force them to, such as a counter-attack for an invasion.

5 members from the nation (Exact roles in a war is classified information) and 1 hired mercenary from Dublin, with 1 retired general who may assist in wars of their own accord. The military has applications along with a standard agility test designed by the retired general.


The police is Norrland Police. Information is found there.


Townhall, Jämtland

Facility of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Jämtland

Fort Arvid, Arvidsjaur

Norrland Police, Arvidsjaur

Norrland Museum, Arvidsjaur

Norrland Docks, BayVille

Notable People

  • Casper_2001
  • Zephireosia
  • DrPurplePanda
  • Skogsiee
  • Jouny
  • Loljelloclowdz
  • TigerLilay
  • Mr_Ccc
  • SpiritBLKN

National Subdivisions

There are 9 provinces however, not all are under the rule of Casper_2001 due to lack of expansion.


Due to difficulty reaching Iceland, a tunnel was built from Jämtland to Iceland when the town was still in Sweden, there was no alliance between the two, so easy transportation was not possible.

Catlordie and DrPurplePanda made an agreement to unite their towns together due to a lack of space on the coast, with the city being split into 2 districts owned by each mayor.


None at the moment


Total - 12 Towns

Name Mayor x y z
Jämtland [Capital] God Emperor Casper_2001 2455 [?] -11813
Arvidsjaur Minister Mr_Ccc 3176 88 -12120
BayVille Chief SpiritBLKN 3259 [?] -11829
wiking empire Chief gotlands [?] [?] [?]
Sky City Hermit Robsondo [?] [?] [?]
Kalmar Duke Oiad 2823 64 -10634
Kalevala Chief Kuupool [?] [?] [?]
Norrkping Baron ZtyLs [?] [?] [?]
West_Okolla Magistrate DrPurplePanda [?] [?] [?]
Vetlanda Chief RGBEblan [?] [?] [?]
Karlsborg Baron DocDox00 [?] [?] [?]
East_Okolla Chief Catlordie [?] [?] [?]
Vattern Applegate48 [?] [?] [?]
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