Norrland Police is the main police group of the nation Norrland. The police group may change towns if the nation votes for that town. But the chief has the final answer. If the chief does not want the group to be switched to another town then he can say so. If he chooses to disagree then all of the towns in the nation vote on which town they want it to be in. And of course, you can't vote on your own town.


The Makings

Norrland Police was made so that the streets outside the towns and inside the towns can be secure. The person who made the police were the Minister Of Trade, as he wanted his roads to be secure.

History In Arvidsjaur

The station is connected to Fort Arvid. This building counts as a service building in the town's eyes.

The person who built the building was, of course, the Minister Of Trade as this is his town.

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