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April 2020

Before NorthAustralia

In March 2020 there was a terrible war between Oz and UnitedAustralia which caused a lot to United. After the fall of UnitedAustralia, FatalMoon_Yt decided to face the kingdom of Oz in wanting to create a nation. She funded 500G in this project and Gameking as well but they will not be able to create the nation because of the pressure by Oz and the unification around SouthAustralia to face this common enemy.

February 2021

Independance declaration

After fraud in the South Australian elections and the fall of Oz, Gameking_YT, FatalMoon_Yt, FatalSun_Yt, gbaguette and RedFire2500 left to create NorthAustralia. 6 cities left SouthAustralia to support the project. The players who supporting the project became inactive, and after a month they helped build the capital Fort_Azertrix

March 2021

Creation of NorthAustralia

NorthAustralia was created on March 20, 2021 on the birthday of FatalSun_Yt, creator of roleplay, constitution and prime minister of this country. The inauguration went very well as many people were present to discover the new shops. Gameking_YT was named king and FatalMoon_Yt vice queen.

Establishment of Institutions and Diplomacy

NorthAustralia had a bad reputation because according to SouthAustralia it was a rebellious nation. Since SouthAustralia was an internationally supported country, everyone thought that NorthAustralia would collapse in 1 month. At the level of institutions, they were installed thanks to the constitution as the parliament which takes place every week and which decides the future of the country. This is made up of the mayors and important people of this nation. Here is the constitution in detail.

NorthAustralia Creation.jpg
NorthAustralia (11th April 2021).jpg

Important dates in March 2021

22nd March 2021 : NorthAustralia became a dominion

25th March 2021 : NorthAustralia joined the SECO and Creation of the NorthAustralian's Army

29th March 2021 : Celestown enter in NorthAustralia and NorthAustralia left the SECO

April 2021

NorthAustralia, a little country who grow

At the start of April 2021, NorthAustralia was a small country. To remedy this problem FatalSun_Yt recruited 35 people in his city. NorthAustralia is struggling to assert itself internationally and is trying to find allies. Finally the Andorra-Empire led by EgeYilamzzz as well as Golden Horde led by Yunamesa and Peru-Bolivia led by PELmendros will support NorthAustralia in its projects. Also Francia demanded the end of NorthAustralia and the start of a reunification of French Australia. NorthAustralia refused and cut its links with Francia which has not stopped destroying the lands of this country. Also tensions arose Costa Rica in the North Australian commonwealth during the month of April.

Important dates in April 2021

1st April : FuzeCity joined NorthAustralia

5th April : Major political crisis after the dismantling of the city of Vad04 which betrayed NorthAustralia. Flight of 4000 G to Prime Minister Fatal Sun. Nicaragua led by the former leader of SouthAustralia is participating in this flight.

6th April : NorthAustralia supports Andorra-Empire by declaring war on Lake_Superior

7th April : Cencius, the emperor of Illinois, ask NorthAustralia to stop the war. NorthAustralia agree.

9th April : EastAustralia joined NorthAustralia

10th April : NorthAustralia became an Empire

11th April : Costa_Rica joined the commonwealth of NorthAustralia

14th April : Farfal became the new prime minister

16th April : NorthAustralia won a tournament versus SouthAfrica

NorthAustralia (10th May 2021).jpg

19th April : NorthAustralia joined the SECO

25th April : Gameking_YT abdicates and gbaguette became the new king. Farfal and Costa_Rica left the commonwealth

26th April : Gameking_YT became king

30th April : The nation Sahtu scammed and killed FatalMoon_Yt and FatalSun_Yt

May 2021

The war between Nicaragua and NorthAustralia

On May 1, 2021, Nicaragua threatened to declare war backed by the Catholic Church on North Australia. NorthAustralia was not afraid and opened negotiations with its enemy to be able to try to find an agreement. Gameking_YT was so successful and was so patient with DeltaScorpior who was sad to have lost FatalSun_Yt as a friend. After many promises Nicaragua and North Australia have become friendly nations. NorthAustralia then joined SECO

NorthAustralia (20th May 2021).jpg

The month of prosperity

After the war between Nicaragua and NorthAustralia, NorthAustralia progressed very quickly and entered the top 50 nations on earthmc. This nation has also gained a lot of territory and chunks. NorthAustralia has also grown in power and reputation following the marriage of _M0nsters and Farfal because these two lovers left for their honeymoon trip to the new city bought 3000 G by FatalSun_Yt. NorthAustralia also managed to own more than 10 cities (13 cities on May 21, 2021)

Important dates in May 2021

1st May : Nicaragua declares war on NorthAustralia

3rd May : Trev_Town joined NorthAustralia

5th May : The war is over

8th May : Gbaguette became the new prime minister

11th May : NewPort joined NorthAustralia

13th May : FatalSun_Yt bought Cape_York for 3000 G. Cape_York became a province of NorthAustralia

16th May : Gbaguette resigned and FatalSun_Yt became prime minister

19th May : Cat_City and Pumpkin_Paradise joined NorthAustralia

20th May : New International discord for NorthAustralia

23rd May : FatalSun_Yt takes the power of chancellor for an indefinite period. He wants to lead the people "to a better and more just world"

25th May : FatalSun_Yt, the prime minister, became the new general secretary of "Union Francophone"

30th May : The town of Anonagact has joined NorthAustralia

31st May : the town of EastAustralia unclaim

Important dates in June 2021

3rd June : Major political crisis in NorthAustralia

5th June : Political crisis was finished

6th June : Papua joins the Commonwealth of NorthAustralia and NorthAustralia has 1000 chunks

10th June : NorthAustralia has joined Empire Victoria as 3 provines (York, North_Queensland, South_Queensland)

11th June : All politic of NorthAustralia is control by the Empire of Victoria

12th June : Draco has unclaim

13th June : The nation of Atyrau joins Papua as protectorate and becomes a province of Empire of Victoria

15th June : Volk_City joins NorthAustralia

16th June : Trev_Town has been delete by his mayor

18th June : Lea_Lea joins Papua

Important dates in July 2021

7th July ; Nouvelle-Empiria and Ceduna joined NorthAustralia

21st July : Nouvelle-Empiria creates a new province Nouvelle-Victoria

22nd July : Kiffecatcat, the mayor of Cat_City is ban from NorthAustralia and Victoria Empire


Towns Chunks Residents Mayor Victoria Empire rank
Ceduna 6 7 NathMN_
Celestown 1 1 FSTH000
Clintiswood 64 1 Le_Carburo_du_63
Faromix 165 1 Deltawarriors
Fatality 69 10 FatalMoon_Yt
Fort_azertrix 111 10 Alaric_YT
Fort_Fire 107 1 RedFire2500
Fortown 4 1 MeEatGrass
FuzeCity 200 19 FatalSun_Yt
Maupassant 4 1 Stankunloaded
Morio 14 2 Gafro12345
Nouvelle_Valais 5 1 Lordz_Yuna
Saint_Alexandre 113 6 DeltaScorpior
Seele_town 54 2 UsaNeo1013
Tentacle 6 1 nodes_chan
Valette 10 2 Nneesquik
TOTAL 1125 66 16 -