North Brazil, officially the Kingdom of North Brazil, is a nation that occupies the northern part of South America. The nation is a monarchy, led by King RicardoHBS.

Currently the Kingdom of North Brazil is part of the Empire of Brazil.


North Brazil borders Grão-Pará and Pará to the south and southeast, Trinidad-Tobago to the north and Columbia to the west.



The Kingdom of North Brazil follows the same governmental organization of the Empire of Brazil, having four positions, which are:

Kingdom of BlackQuartz (April)

  • Emperor: ReiMarombeiro (Imperial Brazil)
  • King: BlackQuartz;
  • Chancellor: MareshallZorn
  • Minister: _Mocc (Minister of Defensetemporarily)

Kingdom of RicardoHBS (April-Currently)

  • Emperor: BlackQuartz (Imperial Brazil)
  • King: RicardoHBS;
  • Chancellor: MareshallZorn


Name Mayor Number of Users Size Founded
ShibaCity zepling2 1 9 January 25th, 2019
New Venice Star RicardoHBS 23 77 December 6th, 2018
Fort Linden mateusvmv 3 18 February 23th, 2019
Nueva Espaa Miss_Wanna_Die 1 2 March 27th, 2019
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