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History of the Nation

The First Era: The Creation of the Nation


Equalitarist People's Republic of Korea

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Coat of Arms
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North Korea

National Information
Full Name 조선평등주의인민공화국 / Equalitarist People's Republic of Korea
National Anthem National Anthem : Aegukka

(Anthem used for the nation)

State Anthem : The International (Anthem used by the Army and the Government)

Name in Towny Korea
Motto 함께하면, 우리는 강합니다 ! / Together we are strong !
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Capital City Pyongyang
Largest City Pyongyang
Oldest City Pyongyang
Government Information
Leader Ionao.png Ionao
Chancellors Computer x64.png Computer_x64
Prime Minister Computer x64.png Computer_x64
Political System EPRK Equalitarism.png Equalitarist Dictatorship
Economic System Communism.jpg Communism (Equalitarism)
Official Language Traditional Language :
  • Flag of South Korea.svg Korean

International Language :

  • Englishflag.jpg English

Major Language :

  • French.png French

Minor Language :

  • 214zoqoO05L. AC .jpg Latvian
  • Russie drapeau.png Russian
  • Flag of South Korea.svg Korean
Official Religion
Army Size Confidential
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders Eggz 2.png EggzOnToast
Past Capitals

On February 15th, 2019, The city of Pyongyang was founded, its founding history can be seen on the town's page. After its found the city's Mayor and Councillor worked tirelessly on attempting to bring in money and people to make the city into a great nation.

Founding of the Nation

On Feburary 24th, the Mayor of Pyongyang came in contact with the defunct nation of China. The nearly defunct Chinese nation wish for itself to come for good use and Mandude325 promised it. He became their leader in it's proccess of Unification. Immediately after the Chinese nation handed over it's rights, he re-named the nation to become the nation of North Korea. Therefore, on the 24th of February in the year of 2019, The City of Pyongyang and the Nation of China officially merged to become the great nation of the People's Republic Federation of North Korea. Its capital is the City of Pyongyang, with the leader as Kim Jong-Walt. (Mandude325). After a brief burst of expansion, the city and surrounding area stayed stagnant until of it's eventual sale.

Initial Conflicts : New Towns arrive to the shores

Around Late February, a person by the name of CStreak came to the Korean Peninsula in search of building the city upon a hill. So he did with the help of RickyStreak. In the process of the construction, the North Korean government got wind of the new arrivals to the land and sent a envoy armed and ready if the invaders were hostile. They were not, they wanted to join the nation of North Korea. This created the city of Nampo. The city eventually collapsed a few months after it's foundation, as the creators of the city left EarthMC. On the 27th of February, a man by the name of TheNamesWalrus entered the Korean gulf and set up a temporary fort off the coast of Pyongyang.The North Korean Government was soon enough, but could not threathen them right away. By the time the North Korean milita had time to log on and get rid of the invader, they already set up a permanent settlement built up from the sea floor. This type of settlement was questionable defined by the rules, so at first, not wishing conflict, the Government attempted to set up tickets with admins and have the town removed peacefully without war. But with communication with the admins grow quiet, at its peak, war may seem inevitable to have the town removed off the shore of Pyongyang. The situation was resolved as the town got claimed by it's ultimate fate, inactivity.

End of the First Era

By March, the main parts of the grand plaza of socialism today has been built. After the completion of the central district, Mandude became increasingly bored about the idea of North Korea. He subsequently left after selling the nation to the player, 32EggzonToast. The First Era has ended, and now the second era shall now shine on the nation.

Government of the First Era

The People's Republic Federation of North Korea at the time of the first era was governed by the Ruling party, NKWP (North Korean Worker's Party). The government styled themselves as to be a Socialist Dictatorship, run by Kim Jong-Walt and his Council. All citizens are expected to follow all instructions made by the government. This form of government has largely disintergrated into the depth of inactivity and dictatorship.

The Second Era : Stagnation and Inactivity

Player 32EggzOnToast (EggzOnToast now) bought North Korea for 200g and has expanded the city of Pyongyang considerably, but the general nation stayed in a stagnant state until he passed the nation to Ionao, moving on to other nations. He still maintains a presence in the nation's affairs, and the discord remains under his ownership.

Changes During the Second Era

North Korea largly remained a dictatorship with few democratic values. Until the late Third Era, the only leader was the Dictator and the Chancellor. During the second era, Anju was made, (then called Pyeongyang_EB) and stagnation and inactivity plagued the small nation of about 15 people.

End of the Second Era

This era ended to One man's decision to end his role in the nation. The leader, Eggz, sold his nation to Ionao for a unknown cost of gold.

Third Era : The Days of Glory

The player Ionao was inaugurated as the third leader the 05/10/2019 from EggzOnToast. Through his year as the leader of North Korea, he has driven the nation through many hardships and cliffs, but the nation has prevailed over numerous dangers and adversaries.

Project Expansion: Into the Yalu and Tumen

His first project was to project the power of the North Korean nation to the whole of the region. The player Computer_x64 has founded the city of Jonchon (Now Kanggye) on the northern reaches of the region: Ionao accepted him into the nation, and later x64 rose to become the official Chancellor of the nation. With the Addition of Kanggye, North Korea now projected it's power towards

Subway System: Better transport Systems

Ionao constructed the North Korean subway for link the different town of North Korea

TBD Stuff Era 4: Invasion of Qing - 19 Jun- July

Era 5: Invasion by Shimazu 19 July-Sep

Era 6: Height of the Glory 19 Sep-Nov

Era 7: Peace and Stillness 19 Nov-Dec

Era 8: Betrayal and Decline 20 Jan-Apr

Era 9: The New Era of Korea 20 Apr-

The Actual Government is leaded but the Great Leader Ionao and his Party the Equalist Party a derivative of Communism with the ideas of the Leader.

Japanese Invasion of Korea

The Japanese Invasion of Korea started when KawadaJP first aquired the town of Daegu on 1 May and claimed it for Japan. The town later became the capital of a new nation titled Japanese_Korea. North_Korea and Korea both saw this as an act of aggression.

The Japanese Invasion of Korea ended on 5 May when Nalasleafheart, Ionao, Sanss, QqL, and KawadaJP signed the Treaty of Deagu.

Korean Unification

On 6 May, North_Korea and Korea united into a new nation titled Korea.


In the Equalitarist People's Republic of Korea that every city is equal and have there work to do, to develop themselves and to make their town growing for the nation.


(All Citizens are expected to serve. Members of the army can do anything from patrolling the DMZ to protecting North Korean towns

Specifics of the military size and strength are unknown.)


The Archecture differs from the Korean Peninsula to the Chinese Coast. on the Korean Peninsula the architecture is very stone based and militarized looking, while on the Chinese Coast, the architecture is based on traditional Asian wood work and design

Notable People

  • Mandude325 (Kim Jong-Walt)
  • Fonic72 (Executive of North Korea)
  • CStreak (Mayor of Nampo)
  • [1]EggzOnToast (Ex Leader of North Korea)
  • Ionao (North Korean Leader)

National Subdivisions

Korean Peninsula

  • Pyongyang
  • Hamgyong
  • Hwanghae
  • Pyongan
  • DPR of South Korea

External Territory

  • DPR of Russia