The Kingdom of Norway Edit

The Kingdom of Norway is a Kingdom that is currently expanding rapidly, with many allies and enemies. Its architecture is mostly based off of the Nordic design, with long houses and castles. Norway is a new nation, that currently has a strong influence and power in Northern Europe.

Government Edit

King - TwigKing

Duke - Gaming Chief/Stilpo

Jarls - Alex, Camo, Astrid, Odimear

Cities/Towns Edit

  • Lundegrend
  • Lavik
  • Valkenheim
  • A-Land
  • Hardhome
  • Falderos
  • Nolbyn

Foreign Relations Edit

Iceland - One of our most trustworthy and loyal allies. They have aided us in majority of our conflicts and provide us with military/economic support when need and vice versa.

Nazi Germany - We have talked with this nation and its leader for a little bit, and we have become good friends with this nation. We do not interfere with its diplomacy/wars as we just trade with each other.

The Kingdom of Greater-Armenia - We have fought together in some conflicts against a common enemy, but were never allied. We have formed an alliance with them and continue to help them militarily with their interests.

Ongoing Conflicts Edit

The Anglo-Danish War - We are currently at war with Britain, France, Denmark and the city of Oslo due to border tension and pillaging. We seek to find a solution to this conflict and intend have better relations with those nations.