The Kingdom of Norway (Old)

The Kingdom of Norway was a kingdom which expanded rapidly throughout Northern Europe, predominantly the west coast of the Scandinavian peninsula around the start of Terra Nova. Its architecture was mostly based off of the Nordic design, with long houses and castles. Norway had significant influence and power in Northern Europe until it was overtaken in January/February of 2019 by the nation of Norge (which was later renamed Norway) which expanded rapidly from the city of Oslo into the majority of the Kingdom of Norway's territory.


King - TwigKing

Duke - Gaming Chief/Stilpo

Jarls - Alex, Camo, Astrid, Odimear


  • Lundegrend
  • Lavik
  • Valkenheim
  • A-Land
  • Hardhome
  • Falderos
  • Nolbyn

Foreign Relations

Iceland - One of the nation's most trustworthy and loyal allies. They aided Norway in the majority of its conflicts and provided them with military/economic support when needed and vice versa.

Nazi Germany - Norway had become good friends with Nazi Germany. Norway did not interfere with Nazi Germany's diplomacy/wars and the two often traded with each other.

The Kingdom of Greater-Armenia - Norway and Greater-Armenia fought together in some conflicts against a common enemy, but were never formally allied, however Norway continued to help Greater-Armenia militarily.


The Anglo-Danish War - Norway was at war with Britain, France, Denmark, and Norge (now called Norway) due to territorial disputes. This resulted in the collapse of the Kingdom of Norway as Norge took its place as the predominant nation in the west and north of the Scandinavian peninsula.

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