Lundegrend is the capital of Norway, it was founded November 24th 2018. Norway quickly grew in the first days getting towns like Oslo.

Beginning of War

The war started with Britain declaring war on Norway. It was started over some minor squabble of either someone killing someone or just general toxicity between the nations. Even though there were battles they were not relevant since keepInventory was still enabled at this point, but the town of Sussex had joined Norway, but then left after Joel decided that Norway was a toxic nation.

Norwegian Civil War

Magenent (Mayor of Oslo) had always had a grudge against twigking19 (Mayor of Lundegrend and King of Norway) because he would not have Norway be a democracy and Magenent did not want a civil war at first, but when Magenent offered to become a vassal state of Britain if they would fund his Norway. Britain agreed to fund an opposition Norway but refused to make it a puppet state. Also the fact that Norway had invited a Danish town into their nation also made Magenent realize that sticking with Norway was not a good idea because of how many countries Norway would soon be at war with. So on November 30th Norge was born and the Norwegian Civil War began.

Denmark & France Entering

Due to the fact that the town of Mehringen joined Norway (a town in IRL Denmark) Danish representatives contacted twigking to remove the town in their land but all he responded was "they asked me, I didn't invite them." So on November 31st Denmark declared war on Norway. France also declared war on Norway due to the fact that there is common hate against them and Norway has a town in France aswell.

Qin & Armenia

Qin has attacked the powers attacking Norway and they fight along side them in battle so they are in the war technically, also Armenia has sided with Norway and Qin.


While there was never an official peace agreement, Norge mostly won due to the fact that Norway has gone inactive and the battles that have been fought were of Norge victory.

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