Norfolk (formerly Norwich) is one of the founding towns made on the British isles, it shares a land border with London.

Norwich is a seaside establishment and naval base which currently houses the largest collection of naval assets on EMC with 5 ships in docks and another one currently being constructed.

Norwich was made on the 4th of November in 2018 by Wither255.

Early Norwich

Originally planned to become the town of Norfolk, Norwich started on the northern Folk as a humble one player establishment with a small wooden dock. Most of its land was covered in dense forest and uneven land, which got cleared and leveled periodically.

The Norwich Cathedral is the first building in Norwich to be constructed and completed. In the dark oak race, Norwich became the lead supplier of Dark Oak along with Wales (formerly known as Cardiff).

HMS Light is the first ship built in Norwich, in honor of LightZefex, a former EMC classic player. It is also the sight of first contact with Fix.


Norwich currently has 1 resident and 271 chunks of land. It covers all of Folk and has seen a resurgence in activity due to the overflow of London residents. It currently houses the vastest navy on EMC with five ships in docks, two ships on foreign expedition (see full list of ships) and a carrier in the construction phase.

Norwich Cathedral has been the location of AddoM19 and amberhope's wedding, August 1st, 2019.

It was also the battleground for the battle of Norwich literally right after the wedding...

On November 16, 2019, the carrier was completed.

On March 28th, Norwich had been renamed to Norfolk

Landmarks of Norfolk

Norwich Cathedral, First Accordoist Cathedral

The town spawn and centerpiece of Norwich, a decorated stone brick cathedral covered in blue and white stained glass. It withholds a big chandelier, an Organ and the Accordo insignia. It is roofed by dark oak wood and has three giant dark oak doors.

HMS Synargle

First ship of the Illustris-class of battlecarriers, the HMS Synargle is a 257 block long, state-of-the-art hybrid battleship sporting two triple 460 mm naval turrets, long range radar arrays, multiple point defense anti-aircraft defense systems, a carrier deck and hangar capable of holding an entire fighter squadron and 26 rocket pods.

The Victoria Pillar

Constructed in honor of those fallen in Britain's countless battles, this pillar located in Norwich's center stands 30 blocks tall intersecting the main road and the waterway.

Norwich Waterway

Originally meant to be a means of easy transportation between the Norfolk and Suffolk regions, it has become the main avenue for newcomers seeking to claim plots in Norwich's central district.
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