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Nova Scotia is a nation located in North America. Its capital city Halifax is located in Brunswick/Nova Scotia and also contains Prince Edward's Island.

Nova Scotia and Halifax were founded on July 21, 2020 by Tafffy and Vebou. Tafffy was the rightful king of Nova Scotia, with Vebou acting as king from time to time for most of it's earlier history

As of 9/22/2020 Nova Scotia had 11 towns, 522 claims, and 109 residents.

On September 30, Tafffy and Vebou sold the nation and town of Halifax, Nova Scotia to the player SayerQT. It is now owned by the Rightful Queen of Nova Scotia; Her Majesty SayerQT.

Halifax shown on the EarthMC Dynamic Map

It became part of the Salish Federation as the Fourth Province on September 31 2020.