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Viedma Conflict was a battle between nations Chile and Glacial Empire in August 25, 2019.


One week before the conflict, argentinian user Fedrer (governor of Viedma) came back to the server after a few months of inactivity.

As the nation Argentina, which Viedma was from, is very inactive, Fedrer decided to join Chile temporarily.

After a few days, he established in Viedma again.

Days before the conflict

New spanish speaking user LaMerca arrived at Argentina but then left to create Monrovia town, in Senegal.

Meanwhile, Fedrer was thinking in a way to regain all those citizens he lost for then claim the territory he had before first Viedma fell.

He then applied the initiative to invite spanish and english speaking users to his town.

The most popular rumours say that this idea despaired Glacial Empire leaders.

The battle

First minutes of the battle.

At 0:40 AM (UTC) of August 25th, Glacial Empire first attacked Fedrer with their only warriors being ZeTrapz and L3royJenkins.

Fedrer didn't wait the surprising attack and almost died, but got saved mostly because he was voice chatting with Chile governors.

At 0:45 AM, Fedrer, LaMerca (ally who went to support) and thegamer3737 were fighting against Glacial chancellors. 3 vs 2 wasn't enough to win, yet.

Four more Chile citizens (minecraftgod64, fidelino66655, __Mix_ and JonnyGrunge) arrived to help at 0:50 AM.

The arrival of __Mix__ caused much damage to Glacial warriors, who continued fighting after all.

Finally, at 0:55 AM, Chile could fight back, and, equipped with potions, did kill ZeTrapz, the leader of Glacial Empire.

There was also a lot of grief by Glacial Empire which was observed by moderator lyonc.