Nuovo Palermo was the capital town of the nation Patagonia (ishallownyou).


The town was first settled around January 2019, when a group of american users (with italian grandparents) decided to settle on Argentina.


This caused tensions between them and La Plata, the nation which occupies this territory, causing a battle in late January that lasted for 3 days aproximately. After it, both nations stated a peace treatment.


The town fell into ruin on March 20, 2019, after 42 days of inactivity complied by ishallownyou.

However, the nation still didn't fall; it's new capital is the also inactive town of Lo Stivale.


New nation of Patagonia (not old one), which leader is Ferra, decided to send person here to make a town. MarxTv, an active Patagonian resident agreed on making town there and called it Port_Kalin. For now, it has more than 30 chunks and 7 citizens. The city is mainly staying the same, but there are numerous new houses scatterred on Valdes Peninsula.

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