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Oban is a small Scottish town located in the west of Scotland and has borders with Glasgow , Fort Charlotte and the Isle of Skye, with Stirling being just behind the thin claim by Glasgow. The town is owned by xtremedragonz and as is the case for many towns at present, is currently under construction. 


The town was originally set up by the hated CallMeConman in May of 2019. It is believed that the town would be used by Conman against Britain in his war against everyone. However, under negotiations of Britain, Conman gave the town to Britain and FutureLemon became mayor. At this time, the town consisted of 5 plots. Ownership of the town then got passed on to xtremedragonz who is still the Mayor today.

The town is actually the amalgamation of a number of different towns. Oban has actually claimed land that used to belong to Fort William, Argyll and another unknown town. The taking over of Fort William came as a result of Scottish agreements following the peace treaty with Britain.


Oban Church

Spanning six plots, Oban Church was built in August of 2019. The church takes inspiration from various real life churches. It is built from stone with a wooden roof. The Church also has a tower.

Oban Lighthouse

Built by former resident c08_, the current lighthouse replaced an older version built by xtremedragonz which was built out of diorite and looked pretty bad, hence the rebuilding. The lighthouse is characterised by its dark wooden appearence.

The Mayor's house

When xtremedragonz first took over the town, this was the only building in the town. As such all the buildings to the south are built using this as a basis and thus they have similarities while each having their own character. 

Argyll Castle

The castle is actually the former town of Argyll, which was long abandoned when xtremedragonz took over Oban. When it was realized that the castle looked good and remained almost entirely intact, efforts were made to claim the area and thus protect it from further raids and destruction.


Oban came under the ownership of xtremedragonz while Britain and Scotland were still at war, hence most of the surrounding towns were seen as enemies. A war-time report on claimblocking which was only acted on after peace treaty between Britain and Scotland was the only upset of the town and its neighbours. The town has always been a part of Britain, even when Glasgow created its own nation called the United Kingdom which caused a lot of issues in the area.

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