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The Occupation of Malmo was an attempt by Danish forces to intimidate and scare off the members of Malmo, a town toxic and in constant conflict with Denmark.


Danish-Malmo Conflict

The town of Malmo, led by Kornienko, suddenly claimed much of the southern Copenhagen harbour in mid October 2020. After this, a request was sent by Copenhagen to remove these chunks, the request was refused. A while after claiming these chunks, Kornienko built multiple boats in them, much to the dismay of Danish Citizens. After this, Maple_d sent a request, and was hit with a toxic reply. This stopped all contact between the towns, and they decided to wait it out. However, in late November 2020, Maple_d set out on another diplomatic mission, discussing a possible border and agreement with Malmo. Multiple borders were discussed, but to no avail. After this, Malmo proposed to take 150g for the 22 claimblock chunks. This proposal was refused, and Denmark decided to wait it out once more. After this, Maple_d met Kornienko in game, and got his outlaw status removed as a sign of peace. However, it was seen that the entrance in the gate between Malmo and Copenhagen was opened, and right behind this was a long pit with certain death if you fell down it. It is unclear whether Malmo intended this as a trap, however it is currently thought so, and the two towns continued sour relations.

Further Escalation

The town of Malmo, was convinced by Maple_d to remove some chunks that were conflicted over. However, for an unknown reason, he claimed them back and became hostile to Denmark. After this, Maple and ohMerxy decided to launch daily attacks on the town, with this one being the second.

During the Occupation


After ohMerxy and Maple arrived, Kornienko and his resident were seen building a home in the far north. Both Danes headed quickly, and hid in the bushes waiting to strike. They were met with a plea by Malmo's mayor, Kornienko, to leave and not annoy them. This was considered humiliating for Malmo, as the mayor had previously said Denmark has bad pvpers and they were scared of him.


After spotting Malmo's resident, Metalcat2004, Maple proceeded to attack him. Metalcat threatened them to leave, and said "I have no mercy, no soul, and I will kill you if you return" (quote). However, he refused to fight them, contradicting his own statement. Both the mayor and the resident kept fleeing, and were hesitant to fight the two.

Malmo Advantage

After ohMerxy had to leave, Maple_d proceeded to attack Kornienko and Metalcat. Despite being heavily in favour of Malmo, Malmo refused to fight, and the mayor ran away to the south, abandoning his resident. After this, Maple left, after succesfully humiliating the town, and showing that the mayor is "all bark, but no bite" (quote)

Dane Trapped

A while after, ohMerxy came back. But he happened to get trapped, then was killed. THis was the only death in the battle.


The news of this was spread in Denmark, and many people laughed at Malmo, due to the inability to properly take advantage of having more soldiers in the end. Malmo quickly lost popularity after the news spread, and Denmark declared victory.